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Powerful full-frame mirrorless cameras as well as the compact RX100 VII have helped Sony retain leadership in the high-end camera market. [ Photo / Times of Israel ]

Sony Corporation reported its strongest second-quarter operating income a 16% increase against the same period last year, which was attributed to its robust image sensor sales. The second-quarter results have raised Sony’s full-year earnings outlook.

 As at 30th September 2019, operating income for quarter 2 (Q2) 2019 was $2.59 billion up 16% from $2.23 billion in Q2 2018. The consolidated operating income forecast for the full-year is expected to increase by $278 million to $7.78 billion from an earlier estimate of $7.5 billion.

Income drivers

Meanwhile, the sales and operating revenue for Q2 2019 recorded a slight decline of 3%, amounting to $19.76 billion against $20.32 billion from the same period last year.

 The significant increase was mostly driven by growth in operating income in the imaging and sensing solutions segment to the tune of 59% to $711 million, while it reported a 22% rise in sales to $2.89 billion.

With the growth of multi-camera set-ups, Sony is providing smartphone manufacturers with imaging sensors for their products that primarily contributed to an increase in unit sales and improvement in product mix, resulting in better second-quarter results.

 “In the Middle East & Africa region, we are confidently moving into the yearend peak sales season with a solid array of industry-leading products in the digital imaging, television and audio products categories,” said Mr Takakiyo Fujita, Managing Director, Sony Middle East and Africa.

The introduction of powerful full-frame mirrorless cameras α9II and α7RIV as well as the compact RX100 VII has helped Sony retain leadership in the high-end of the camera market.  BRAVIA 8K LED TVs and new range of OLED TVs lead new product introductions in the very competitive televisions market, mr Fujita said. 

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“ The much-acclaimed truly wireless WF-1000XM3 noise cancelling earbuds continue to show very strong demand.  With these product offerings, I am certain we will finish the year on a very strong note,” he said. 

Meanwhile, the Electronics Products & Solutions (EP&S) segment also recorded an increase of 151% year-on-year to $385.5 million compared to the previous period of $153.6 million.

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