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Quest who? Alex Chamwada to also feature on KQ’s maiden US flight

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With the inaugural non-stop flight from Kenya to the US set to take to the air on October 28, all eyes have been trained on who will have a seat aboard the Kenya Airways maiden flight to New York.

Fresh from his exploits aboard the world’s longest airline flight from Singapore to New York, CNN journalist Richard Quest has been making the headlines having arrived in Kenya on October 22 in the run up to featuring on the country’s first ever direct flight to the US.

But another media personality will be on that flight, a Kenyan one at that.

Alex Chamwada, the founder and chief executive of independent media outlet Chams Media, is one of the other passengers that will make history on Sunday by experiencing the first of many 15 hour flights from Nairobi to New York.

It is still not yet clear whether Chamwada will do a feature report of the same, but it will certainly not be a surprise if the veteran journalists manages to produce content from the history-making flight.

Chams Media has had a track record of having what the firm’s CEO terms as “human interest, feel good” stories and has already been ahead of the pack this year. The media entity was the only one from Kenya accredited to cover former US President Barrack Obama on his visit to Kenya and onwards to South Africa where he delivered a speech at the Nelson Mandela annual lecture in Johannesburg.

If Chamwada however does produce a feel good story about the flight, then it will give Kenyans another perspective alongside the review that Quest will prepare for CNN.

What is certain however is that in the build up to the KQ flight, Chams Media will on October 25 air a report on the launch of the KQ flight. The feature under the #ChamwadaReport series will run on Chams Media’s media partner, KTN News.


According to a post on social media, a trailer for the Chams Media production will see Chamwada interview KQ hierachy as well as representatives from the Boeing factory in Seattle, US. Boeing are the manufacturers of the KQ plane that will fly to New York.

On the same day as the airing of this latest installment of the Chamwada Report, the CNN show Quest Means Business will also air live from Nairobi.


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