Former State House Digital Director Dennis Itumbi hugs Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe when she appeared in court on October 24.

Digital Communications Director at the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU), Dennis Itumbi on Tuesday October 30 expressed his delight after Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe was released on bail.

Earlier, Justice James Wakiaga ordered the release of Maribe much to the marvel of Itumbi who interpreted the ruling as an answered prayer.

“Asanteni kwa maombi. (Thank you for your prayers) Whether prayers were Loud or silent, God has answered the prayers. God favour each of you May Justice like many waters flow,” read a Facebook post by Itumbi.

Itumbi has been ever-present during court proceedings to show solidarity with his longtime friend.

Hours before the ruling, Itumbi took to Facebook to show support for Maribe with a long prayer.

“I adopt this as my Public Prayer for my friend Jacque Maribe,
(May Justice be done, I pray. Pray with me…)


Dear father, you are just and you are merciful.

You have given authority governments to establish and maintain justice in the affairs of human relationships.

Your justice is perfect; our interpretation and application of it is not.

We respect and submit to the decisions of our government and Independent Judiciary, fully aware that human investigators and prosecutors are not always right. They get it wrong sometimes. That is why some are set free for having no case to answer.

I ask for truth to prevail, I do not ask for an avoidance of justice, but for truth to have its way.

To the family of Monica, I pray for peace and importantly for Justice that can bring them closure.

God shield her family with love, fill their path with answers and ensure that the person(s) who k****d their daughter gets the highest p********t provided by our laws.

For all involved, we continously pray for justice and your firm hand of fairness. My prayer is without ambiguity, Freedom for anyone wrongly accused, tough p********t for anyone who k****d and increased wisdom for the great Judge who fills his room with ease, humour and still remains firm in his directions and orders. Grant the Judge good health and special favour to lift the hammer accross the proverbial scales of justice with truth as the ultimate guide. I have no doubt that will be done.

For my friend Jacque, I pray for Justice, that she may be sorrounded by lasting peace despite bearing the brunt of void accusation, mainly prosecuted through public media as opposed to real evidence in court.

Let justice prevail dear Lord. I pray that she gets bail today, so that she can hustle again and bring up her child – Zahari, to achieve all his dreams, like she has always wanted to.

May she get bail so that like she told me yesterday, she can “try and end the pain of tens of remandees who are locked up for years because they could not afford bail amounts ranging from Shs. 3,000 to 10,000″

Dear God, you know her heart, you know she means it when she says “she will mobilize her friends to assist those suffering because they cannot access legal aid.”

A programme that should go back to the Judiciary.

Those Jacque seeks to assist pay bail as granted by Judges, may not be all innocent of the charges they face, but they deserve a chance to argue their case, within the terms already decided by various Judges, sitting in different courts.

I pray that even as she helps – as per by the law established, If anyone needs to pay the cost of a bad choice, or intentional violation of the law, You dear Lord, grant them the grace for that and Mercy where it applies. If they deserve their freedom, may their innocence be established fairly and conclusively.

God, you are all knowing, you know exactly what happened that day, you know that Jacque was not there – that is why I offer my supplication and prayer to You, because You know the truth, we are just mortals.


Help investigators to get every piece of truth so that the light of fairness and the fullness and depth of Justice may shine on Jacque.

We pray for the prosecutor to be filled with wisdom and commitment to truth as shown by the evidence – even as she does the Job that she must do on behalf of the People of Kenya and the Republic.

May the effort, research, arguments and strategies of defence lawyers led by Katwa Kigen, Wahome Thuku and all others reach your presence and succeed within the interest of Justice.

May Justice be the answer to my prayer.
Lord graciously hear me,
I pray and believe….



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