uskys Chairman John Kago (left) and Tuskys CEO, Dan Githua (center) interacting with Dips Valani of Creative Innovations Ltd after the launch of Tuskys Biioto at Crossroads in Karen.

Tuskys Supermarket has opened a new branch at Crossroads Mall – Karen. The store “Tuskys Biioto” has been put up at a cost of Ksh 20 million.

With a variety of affordable products, in-store convenience outlets, the new branch is set to redefine the service by focusing to be different in how customers are served. Under the concept, Biioto – Twajua Mkulima (Biioto is Maasai name meaning pure natural freshness), Tuskys customers will be the first to choose from a wide array of vegetables that will be sourced directly from selected farms.

Tuskys is in partnership with organic farmers’ market to deliver the traceability value preposition to consumers. The farmers market has been doing this for the last 8 years in the Karen-Marula studions, Two rivers and New Muthaiga Mall among other pop ups in Nairobi.

“At Tuskys’ Karen Branch, we have chosen to pursue a different and unique approach as we seek to penetrate into the high spend of the Kenyan retail market. In Karen, we chose to be the first to answer to the call of providing food which we know how it has been grown and whose traceability we can account for,” said Dan Githua, CEO, Tusker Mattresses Limited.

He added: “There is problem in this country about health and eating habits and everyone is feeling it; lifestyle d******s have gone up to a level that we have never seen since independence; diabetes, b***d pressure, obesity just to mention but a few and experts have observed that a lot of these has to do with what we eat.”

The CEO pointed out that all the green products sold at Tuskys Biioto will have the traceability element using the QR code. This means, a customer will know where the it came from.”

Githua also noted that the beef that will be sold at Tuskys Biioto will be sourced directly from some of the country’s leading cattle farmers among them Kakuzi and Delamere farms. “As we stock beef and sell naturally grown products, we are also paying special attention to how meat that we sell has been processed in terms of how it has been s*********d, cleaned and sorted. We have fully adopted the Europeans standards of food inspections known as GAP.”

According to the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are measures that address environmental, economic and social sustainability for on-farm processes.

The new branch has created 65 new job opportunities and the number is projected to increase to 100 as business grows. Additionally, Tuskys Biioto brings the number of stores the retail giant operates in East Africa to 63; 56 in Kenya and 7 in Uganda.


Some of the products that Tuskys Biioto will offer include ready to cook vegetables, honey, milk, fresh juice, tea, coffee, whole grain cereals in small portions according to one’s preference under the ‘Pima’ concept, Mavazi Lifestyle clothing and special breads such as 8 grain, multi grain bun, carrot bread, cinnamon bread, wholemeal bread, sugar free bread and sweet potato gallet, among others.



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