Oxford University Press (OUP) East Africa has, in partnership with teacher trainers, launched a free resource book in preparation for competency-based curriculum. The book “Teacher Companion” has been published with the aim of equipping Kenyan teachers with skills they need to effectively play the role of a facilitator for the early years’ education in the new curriculum.

Mr John Mwazemba, General Manager OUP East Africa said the new curriculum will empower students with the necessary skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that will enable them to be socially and economically engaged and empowered for their personal and national development. “The teachers companion has been published and it will see teaching and learning through inquiry bringing new experience to teachers,” Mwazemba said.

Speaking during the launch, Director of Education Chacha Mwita said the resource book will be critical in the shift towards programmes that encourage optimal development of the human capital. The human capital should be aligned to the requirements of the 21st century learning skills and approaches, he said.

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“The resource book will contribute greatly in equipping the learners with skills that are vital in the achievement of Kenya’s vision 2030, United Nations sustainable development goals as well as East Africa Community curriculum harmonization,” said Chacha.

Initiative by OUP to develop the teachers’ companion will contribute to the teacher’s professional development and the performance of learners in early years and beyond.

He explained that it will help in early identification and nurturing of talents; the introduction of national values and cohesion and their integration into the curriculum as well as the introduction of three learning pathways at senior school levels.

Senior Deputy Director at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) Jackline Onyango said they have a duty to ensure they offer the best for the learners and that the exams in the new Curriculum will focus on gauging what pupils have learnt.

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