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Investing In The 5AM Club Will Earn You Good Health And More Wealth

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I am a member of the self-prescribed 4 AM Club. This is picked from Robin Sharma’s 5 AM club, but I adjusted backwards by one hour to fit in the madness of Nairobi traffic jams. To customize to my desires, I also increased my activities by 30 minutes. But if you live in a town or your work schedules don’t require you deal with the morning traffic, then can work with 5AM.

Now let me explain for those in the dark. The 5AM club is about people who want to take charge of their day, enhance their productivity, expand their spheres of influence and create a lot of wealth while at it. Over many years of research, traveling and interacting with successful people, Sharma recommends to create at least one hour early in the morning (before anything else) to do three activities:

  1. Exercise for 20 minutes
  2. Reflect for 20 minutes
  3. Read/listen to a motivational thing for 20 minutes

In total you create at least 60 minutes exclusively to yourself. To install this discipline, it will take 66 days of sustained routine. There after it will become a part and parcel (automatically installed into your system) of your way, unless you drop it and relapse to old habits.

This is called the power hour for those who desire to be successful in whatever craft they are engaged in.

Your are free to adapt it to fit in your schedules, for as long as it is the first thing you do in the morning. In my case, I modified it into 4 AM and added an extra 30 minutes; so I take 90 minutes exclusively to myself each morning. This is how I break it:

  1. a) Exercise: 45 -50 minutes
  2. b) Reflection & devotion – 20 minutes
  3. c) Inspirational moment (reading/listening to audio clips) – 20/25 minutes

I joined the Club in May 2021, so by end of this month it will be 13 months. Today, I wish to share the lessons, successes, misses and experiences to see if it helps you.

It is tough getting started

If you want to genuinely join this club of successful people, you will have to survive each of the first 66 days without fail. This is because you’ll require major adjustments in your accustomed way of life. For instance, to sustain the early morning hour, then you’ll need to sleep between 9-10 pm latest; if you never exercise, you’ll have to adopt it; if you never the reading type, you’ll need to adopt it; and if you never take time to think through things on your own quietly, then you’ll need to adopt it.

The 66 days are meant to install this new software in your body system and transfer the new order into your subconscious mind so that it becomes an automatic daily routine. That is why you cannot afford to screw it up in the 66 days. There after, it becomes a, b, c, d,…..z;

Alert & creative

Many of you read my articles on the Saturday Standard and on this page, most of the ideas and the story lines flow in that early morning routine. Besides, anything troubling me, I submit it to the mind before bed time, and the answers and clarity of those ideas flow often in that hour a day or within days after.

Focus and resilience

Waking up at this hour will remind you of your money goals, desires and develop endurance. Remember the reason you waking up is to improve your productivity and do the things successful people do.

Improves metabolism

Exercising the first thing on jumping from the bed detóxifies your systems. The body will eject gases, excess water and rejuvenate your appetite. I take at least two glasses of hot water in the course of that 1 ½ hours before I take anything else. The benefits here will be instant from day 1 – things like stomach upsets, constipation, funny….funny headaches in the course of the day and not to mention those embarrassing ‘kuguruma kwa tumbo’ in the wrong places will be a thing of the past.

Emotional balance

These activities calm your nerves and allow a sense of peace to flow within you throughout the day. Kusumbuana na watu hapa na pale mtaachana kabisaa. This power hour grants you absolute control of your world and events for the day;

Early morning victories

Winning against the blanket this early is your first victory and by the time you do your bed about two hours later, you’ll be scoring your second victory. Basically, your day is fired for small victories that cumulatively will translate to a very productive day, then weeks, months and years.

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Take a fruit or fresh fruit juice after the three activities – there is just a strange connection with nature when you take fruits at this time. Remember nature connects you into the world of opportunities and abundance of wealth.

Improves your relationships

The emotional balance allows a calm demeanor as you go about your day. Few things will annoy and make you shout at colleagues, family and the people you meet. After all, you already declared you are in charge of your world first thing in the morning;

Use what is available

You don’t need any additional investment to get rolling. I use my sitting room and when I travel hotel rooms or the balcony. Maybe a small mart to keep off the cold floors in the morning.

Exercising the first thing on jumping from the bed detoxifies your systems. [ Photo / pininterest ]

Take one day off

Find a day within the week that you don’t need to wake up this early, and also make it a very relaxed day or leisure to dètox. On this day, create time to sleep during the day. I have noticed sleep will knock you off at least once in the course of the week. Create some other time to do leisure walks and invest more time in reading within the week;

Take a 5-15 minutes nap around lunch hour

This could be on your office chair or quiet place under a tree or from wherever you are. Don’t take more than 20 minutes on this. You can add a nice carrot to it like a nicely brewed black coffee or tea or whatever drink inspires you. This is to fool the body to carry you on.

Drop late night drinking and other habits

To sustain this, you need at least 5-6 hours of quality sleep daily. The best hours for this is 10pm -3am. Chances are you won’t be able to wake up if you’ve been out late drinking. The good thing is if you woke up early, good sleep will come easily after 9.00pm.

Bonus of unintended outcome

For married guys and couples: the exercises, free flow of oxygen early in the morning, the sweating and hyped bloód circulation will make you glow. Do I need to say the attendant body shape and the energy that flows with it? It is definitely going to lead into appetite enhancement, energy and ability to flow long enough..…hahaha. And I didn’t say anything here!

Now, that is my story and experience, are you willing and ready to enlist? Over to you and blessed week ahead.

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DR MUMO MUINDEhttp://www.businesstoday.co.ke
Dr Mumo Muinde is Trainer & Consultant. He is a Personal Finance Coach, with a PhD (Economics) from the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE), Beijing, China, an MBA and a B. Com from University of Nairobi; CPA (K). Email: [email protected]
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