Top 5 Effective Ways to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
If the performance has the potential to dramatically change lives, it's better to use the technique of concentrating on the goal. [ Photo / Study Breaks Magazine ]

Sometimes overwhelming excitement, turning into anxiety, and then fear before a report, a public speaking engagement, an upcoming exam, or any event where you have to declare your thoughts to a group of people can turn into a real torture for a person, which lasts for years. This fear prevents many people from showing themselves to the world.

People subjected to this fear pay for it with opportunities to improve their lives, and in some individual cases even with happiness and dreams. Isn’t it too high a price to pay for a fear that is perfectly realistic to cope with?

These 5 work tricks help defeat the conditions that interfere with communication. Almost everyone once had to use these methods, but only a small fraction of people translate them into conscious help to themselves.

Impairment of the Importance of the Speech

Each person will be able to recall some difficult, meaningful situations in which they had to find the right solution, and they coped with it.

To cope with the fear of performance, you can compare the significance of such a situation in the past – and the significance of this performance. It’s likely that the situation was much more frightening and dangerous. Then it will become obvious that the person has sufficient resources to perform. He will understand that he is capable of more, which means that he can cope with this.

Concentration on Your Purpose

If the performance has the potential to dramatically change lives, it’s better to use the technique of concentrating on the goal.

If you keep in mind what you “all this” for, scaling the future result, then from your field of vision will immediately disappear unimportant things. You will stop being distracted by minor inconveniences or worries. Your original goal will attract you like a magnet, your motivation will take you straight to the result, breaking all obstacles on the way.

You already have an inner power that will lead to success, and your motivation to achieve the goal will help “activate” this power. It’s like when you are saving up for an expensive purchase or 22Bet betting. And you are left with just a little ponytail, the final touch to get the coveted thing in your hands.


Are you afraid that something will go wrong and you will look ridiculous, everyone will laugh? And what if they tell you that even in this situation, you still have a good chance to “be on the horse” again?

Imagine: you go up on stage to be awarded a commemorative statuette by your idols. You must give a speech or even have an audacious offer of cooperation. Suddenly you stumble, fall ridiculously, and there is laughter in the room.

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You can succumb to a sense of shame, mumble something vague into the microphone and walk away in shame. Or you can turn everything into a joke and thus relieve the tension both in yourself and in others.

Body Control, or the Success Suit

The state of your body affects the thoughts that rage in your head. If your shoulders are slumped, your face is sad or unhappy, and you move without any desire, your mood cannot be good. And while your mood is in decline, your own body will continue to show it.

Remember, a man’s posture and look change when he puts on his best clothes. An expensive suit has no magical properties, one simply allows oneself to be more confident. Put on your imaginary “winner,” “lucky man,” “successful man” costume.

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You have the right to decide how you feel on the level of your body and emotions. To become more confident, just straighten your shoulders, straighten your back, lift your head, look straight and open with calmness and kindness. Let your body be resilient and agile. After a while, you will realize that not only do you pretend to be energetic and cheerful, but you actually feel it.

Slow Breathing

When a person is frightened, he breathes quickly and briefly. This provokes the development of stress reactions and conditions. If you are scared, do the opposite: notice how you breathe. Start breathing in and out deeply. Let your breathing become even. Let the air fill your chest, allow yourself to breathe with your full chest.

You can imagine that you are walking at your pleasure in a secluded place and not rushing anywhere. Visualize pleasant weather and terrain for you. Imagine how your blood is oxygenated and your body is filled with vitality, warmth, and peace.

Just a few minutes of calm breathing can help you lower your adrenaline levels. You may even be surprised at how much different your condition is after using the breathing technique than it was before.

These simple techniques can help you cope with fear of public speaking. When the fear is gone, you will see how insignificant it was and how much you could have lost if you had given in to it.

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