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Five motivational movies for entrepreneurs

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Venturing into entrepreneurship is a risk and doing so is regarded as taking a leap of faith. For one to venture into business, there must be something that drives them. We have witnessed people who have started businesses with high hopes of getting a return but give up after encountering their first huge loss.

You, my reader, might have also thought about venturing into the world of entrepreneurship but have not been successful. Perhaps, you tried and found out that business is just not your cup of tea. Well, I tell you what; business is everyone’s cup of tea you just have to know how to prepare it well.

Just like in all the other things you do, you also need to be driven by something or someone in order to take the leap of faith into entrepreneurship. Most if not all of us are driven by our needs, the need to put food on the table and pay bills surpasses all other needs. But to be more successful than everyone, you need to be more inspired than everyone.

You can drive inspiration from speeches, books, documentaries or even better, you can be inspired while still being entertained at the same time. Here are some of the movies that will definitely inspire you to venture into entrepreneurship.

1. Moneyball (2011)

Even though the movie is more of a sports one, the inspiration driven out of this is unmatched. The movie is roughly about a baseball coach who failed to make it as a player and decided to take up coaching. In the movie, he battles against his biggest enemy which is losing while he tries to create a winning team.

The general manager Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt), had taken his team to the World Series but lost the trophy as well as three of his top players to better teams. He now has to build a winning team and still make money for the team.

Throughout the movie, Billy is driven by his hatred for losing. This movie will teach you how to get back up when your business is in turmoil and show you how to take advantage of your hatred of failing.

2. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

First to answer your question, yes, it is spelled like that. One of the best motivational movies and the best movies on never giving up.

Inspired by a true story, the film traces the fleeting ups and frightening downs of Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith), whose efforts to keep his family from sinking into poverty evolve into a life-and-death struggle of social Darwinian proportions.

Money matters in “The Pursuit of Happyness,” as it does in life. But it matters more openly in this film as it seeks to show you the real value of money and the importance of it in making your business succeed. In this movie, you will be motivated not to give up on your business until it makes you the money you need.

3. Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

If you are a lover of movies based on true stories then brace yourself to fall in love with his blockbuster.It is another well-crafted movie covering the successes of Bill Gates’s Microsoft and Steve Jobs’s Apple.

Both were no doubt “great pirates” and this movie does a great job of detailing that. The movie is a take on the rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates from the very early days. If you admire either Bill Gates or Steve Jobs then this is the movie for you as it unfolds the specifics of how the two came to be what they are today.

If anything, this movie will teach you to dream bigger and give you hope that your dreams are still achievable. I think most of us at least have a clue on where the two began from.

4. The Social Network (2010)

Another based-on-a-true-story movie that plots the start journey of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. The story, however, is not specifically defined to be the true happenings of Zuckerberg’s hustle with Facebook as it is partly fictional.

When you watch the movie, however, you might get an idea of what conspired towards the come up of Facebook. Just like ‘Pirates of the Silicon Valley’ , this movie teaches you how to dream big as it tells on the story of Facebook’s less-than-humble start in 2003 to the big organization it is today.

Although the accuracy of this movie has been questioned, it still is a great source of inspiration for all entrepreneurs.

5. Office Space (1999)

Rumour has it that around 70% of people who work in offices actually hate offices. Well, if you have ever hated an office job then ‘Office Space’ is the movie for you. It will inspire to get out of the 8-5 daily routine and strive to make money to employ yourself.

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It is about a guy who does not like to go to work and instead of getting fired he gets promoted. His promotion does not do much good to his ordeal as his bitterness comes back to cause him trouble.

I think I might be already giving you spoilers. Go watch the movie for a bucket full of inspiration.

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