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FIFA World Cup trophy tour and the idolisation of brands

The cup landed in a customized and branded Coca-Cola plane and was received like an international celebrity.

Brands are only as good as their corporate governance

What the public knew about Nakumatt, and what was actually happening in its boardroom were worlds apart

The Nuvita biscuits advertising scandal

Creativity is the mainstay of advertising; so we cannot recommend spoiling the fun, or promoting mediocrity! Yet this poetic licence has been largely abused by advertisers

Kenya’s current and future advertising fortunes

PwC report offers in-depth analysis of trends shaping the entertainment and media industry in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa and Nigeria

“Resist” campaign puts brand claims to the test

This is a painful lesson in brand building for corporate entities. Your brand is just as strong as your reputation

Citizen TV finally receives brand recognition

The widespread impact of Citizen TV on audiences struck me in the mid-2000s when I had a job that entailed travelling to far off places in the country

Brand Kenya takes a beating as political tension escalates

Kenya is fast garnering negative publicity arising from the September 1 Supreme Court decision that ruled the country must go back to the presidential polls in 60 days

Equifax hack raises pertinent questions on safety of personal data

Even without hacking, credit card skimming is still big business for cyber criminals.
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