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Stephen Ndegwa is an experienced media practitioner specializing in thought leadership. He has written for various media houses and publications, both locally and abroad. Ndegwa is also a strategic communication expert, with skills across the public relations and marketing mix. He is an author, blogger, poet and university lecturer in communication. Email: [email protected] FB: Stephen Ndegwa Twitter: @Ndegwasm

China’s Economy Soaring Based On Sound Fundamentals

On its continuing journey to become the world’s largest economy, China has set strategic goals to develop into a manufacturing powerhouse from 2021 to...

U.S. Businesses Reading From a Different Script In Trade Spat With...

US-China Trade War: Businesses the world over have certain interests that override partisan political stakes. Therefore, it is expected that businesspeople in both the...

China’s Carbon Trading Noah’s Ark

Carbon trading market: Even before the world returns to normalcy, we seem to have another dire and urgent problem to deal with. Decades-old warnings about...

On Sanctions, Tit For Tat Is a Fair Game

Sanctions: It is said that even the meekest of cats can fight back fiercely when pushed against the wall. Well, the same goes for...

In China’s Comeback Economy, Valuable Lessons of Resilience

China is working through policies including cutting taxes, increasing fiscal expenditure and injecting liquidity into the financial system.

Belt and Road initiative a global game-changer

Amidst growing controversy, the stage is set for the second Belt and Road Forum (BRF) for International Cooperation to be held in Beijing, China...

Tatu City offers schooling in an international environment

The need for high quality education in today’s world cannot be gainsaid. This is right from kindergarten to university. Whether it is local or...

Propaganda fails to dampen growing bond between China and Kenya

There is huge demand for Chinese products due to their competitive advantage in quality and price, something that has markedly improved the standards of living of the people

FIFA World Cup trophy tour and the idolisation of brands

The cup landed in a customized and branded Coca-Cola plane and was received like an international celebrity.

Brands are only as good as their corporate governance

What the public knew about Nakumatt, and what was actually happening in its boardroom were worlds apart