Lady Strikes Big Business Keeping Parcels in the City

Mercy Njeri operates an agency where city goers and retailers can store their luggage and goods at a fee - and it's doing well

7 steps to make your side hustle more successful

If you’ve attempted doing anything in addition to your “day” job you know it always feels like you’re being pulled in a million different directions and there aren’t enough hours in a day. So, you’ve taken on side projects building websites or baking more cupcakes...

I built this company with Sh6,000 salary

To think that Ksh6000 is enough to start a company is audacious but this is exactly what Esther Njeri Njoroge thought. The bold 26-year-old is the director and CEO of one of the leading tours and travel operators in the country, Bountiful Safaris. But how...

Young David Makes Millions From Waste Bottles

No one imagines collecting waste bottles could fetch millions, even David Chege himself who has become a millionaire from the activity. He is a millionaire at the age of 30, not through government tenders but through his empire of artwork, the House of David. Any...

Butchery is profitable but you need to have these facts

This video is a case study of a successful butchery. Here are details on the butchery business to help you make a decision whether it will be profitable for you or not [SCROLL DOWN TO READ ARTICLE]

20-year-old Kenyan entrepreneur eyes Sh10.4 million prize

Matolo is the owner of Angaza Africa Technologies, which provides a safe and affordable source of household and industrial energy through briquettes