Kenya has one of the most diverse culinary landscapes in the world, drawn from over the 40 communities that live in Kenya, each with their unique cuisine.

And Kenyans being an adventurous lot, always try all the existing cuisines, local and international, only that time and money sometimes gets in the way of their culinary pursuits. But Kenyans are an innovative lot, and always have a creative solution to every problem.

One such problem is the lack of one-stop shop for knowledge, recipes and notes on meal preparation for those who would wish to prepare their meals at home.

Imagine a place where people can share their food preparation notes, grocery shopping tips and meal plans! Imagine something that enables you to get creative and adventurous, and more organized in your cooking!

Bidco have partnered with EatOut Kenya to create a web platform Jikoniyetu for top food bloggers in Kenya to showcase the recipes for foods that take a short time to prepare. The recipes use basic food ingredients that can be bought from your local grocery store, fresh food market or supermarket.

The platform will feature Kenya’s most popular ethnic recipes for dishes that truly represent the spirit of Kenyan culinary experience.

The platform is a first in Kenya. The bloggers will connect Kenyans to the joyful, social and family-friendly art of cooking through social media.

Celebrated Kenyan food bloggers Jayson Mbogo – Jaytakeapic, Jasmine Macharia – Cooking With Jaz, Gatuiri – Leotunapika?, and Clare Karatu – Clare’s Take will host the first season starting in March 2018.

They will post video diaries and written posts on the platform showing their hands-on experiences turning simple ingredients into delicious and nutritious meals.

“Many consumers just don’t have time to plan all of their meals in advance. In fact, we found that more than 50 percent of the time, they make that decision within an hour of having dinner,” said Ian Bosire, Bidco’s Lead Digital & New Product Manager.

Adding: “With such little time to plan and prepare, it’s important to have quick meal ideas at the ready, using items they’re likely to have on hand. We keyed in on these consumer behaviors when developing JikoniYetu, with a focus on convenience, value and nutrition.”

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One of the key barriers to consumers trying new recipes is the risk that they won’t turn out the way they want, or the family will not like them. For this reason, focuses on linking recipes with individual tastes and lifestyles through its panel of contributors – a diverse mix of food bloggers who fall into different lifestyle categories, like “working mom,” “health conscious,” and “youth” as well as drawn from various ethnic groups. This panel offers reviews on the taste, speed and ease of preparation, and all other users are invited to rate and review recipes as well.

The unique website makes it easy for consumers to find hundreds of Kenyan recipes for quick, easy and nutritious dinners, that save them time and money.

For more quick tips, recipe ideas and to find out what’s cooking in, follow the team on Twitter @JikoniYetu, Facebeook, & Instagram to stay up to date with delicious recipes brought to you by your favorite local cooks!


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