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Bakex Millers aims higher with new wheat mill plant

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Demand for wheat products has seen Thika based grain miller Bakex Millers Limited unveil a new, state-of-the-art wheat mill as part of its strategy to increase its production capacity in the wheat milling market.

The new 300 tonnes per day wheat milling plant will increase the firm’s total daily production capacity to 550 tonnes per day, strengthening its presence in the market. The new mill will be using the latest modern technology in the market in the entire East African region.

The fully automated mill has been developed and supplied Buhler – one of the leading companies worldwide that manufactures milling machinery will be using the latest modern technology in the market in the entire East African region as it comprises of a steel structure building, wheat and flour silos, the bulk out loading sections and the packing sections.

The mill building is a five story composite building occupying a total area of 1,300 square meters. It will also produce fine quality semolina which local pasta, spaghetti and noodle manufacturers can use instead of importing the raw material thus lowering the cost of production. It’s fully automated by use of a modern feedback technology with a WinCos automated system.

While launching the plant over the weekend, the firm’s Managing director Mr Hiten Shah acknowledged that the demand for wheat products in the country had significantly gone up which has led to the acquisition of the modern facility to meet market demands. “This new mill we have installed will enable us to be more economical and efficient on production, as well as enable us to satisfy demand both from current and new customers”, Mr. Shah added.

The CEO of Grains & Food and Executive Board member of Buhler Group Mr Johannes Wick said the new machine will set new standards in production of quality wheat flour as it ensures sufficient extraction of the wheat content to meet market demands. “We plan to work more closely with Bakex Millers by replicating this technology in production of other quality products in the market,’ Mr. Wick added.

The family-owned business, which is part of the Broadway Group of Companies, also includes Broadway Bakery Limited. It produces the Bakex brand of wheat products, as well as the Vitafla and Oboma range of Home baking and Atta flours. The new five story mill comprises of a steel structure building, wheat and flour silos, the bulk out loading sections and the packing sections, occupying a total area of 1,300 square metre.

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The firm started its operations in 1983 by installing its first Buhler plant with a capacity of 150 tons per day. A proud moment in the history of Bakex Millers was that it was the first private mill in Kenya to install wheat storage silos at that time, installing 8 silos with a total combined holding capacity of 8,000 tons. The first mill ran efficiently for close to 30 years.  until it was replaced in 2012 by an ultra-modern Buhler mill with a capacity of 250 tonnes per day.

In 2012, Bakex Millers also increased its wheat storage capacity by installing 4 new silos, each holding 4,000 tonnes and increasing capacity by 16,000 tonnes. Mr. Shah said the firm has a current wheat storage capacity of 24,000 tonnes with plans to further increase this capacity by installing new silos with an additional holding capacity of 18,000 tonnes by mid-2018, increasing the total wheat storage capacity to 42,000 tons.

He said firm is keen on initiating strategies that will ensure customers are able to continue receiving high quality wheat flour for all their baking and cooking needs. Another project that Bakex Millers is undertaking in 2018, which will also be the first of its kind in Kenya, is the installation of a 75 tons per day Atta mill, again fully supplied by Buhler..

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