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7 dangerous medical conditions many hide from the doctor

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There are diseases you  pray  never to fall a victim of for fear that they will kill you, However, there are  others that you don’t even dream of contracting due to their embarrassing nature – so much so that you will even find it hard to reveal to your personal doctor.

To many people, some of these health problems are so personal to an extent that we would rather wait till they reveal themselves than discussing them with a doctor beforehand.

The perception leaves many  at risk of severe health complications or even death because they would not step forward for help.

Whether it is  foul mouth, body odour, hidden rash or any other diseases you feel you cannot  discuss openly, it is important you realise that letting go of the idea that something is embarrassing is important, because the physicians are trained to handle all these things in a confidential way.

Here are some of the most embarrassing diseases that will slowly but surely kill you if you do not open up:

1. Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.

Most men who suffers  erectile dysfunction  resorts to buying erectile-enhancing drugs at the expense of consulting a medical practitioner. this is likely to even worsen the situation since some of the drugs they opt to are counterweight hence disastrous.

Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of a cardiovascular problem or it can be one of the first signs of diabetes. Stress is also a big issue so there are many reasons behind it.

If well handled on time and without an iota of fear, the situation can be corrected says medics. 

Any man suffering from erectile dysfunction should see his medical practitioner and have a blood pressure check and their blood tested for things like diabetes and high cholesterol. If you are on medication, like anti-depressants or blood pressure medication, that may be causing the problem. See a counsellor if stress is the reason.

2. Bad breath

People with bad breath will always be scolded. In fact, no one wants them to speak in a crowded place or even public. equally, its get so embarrassing when you realise you have a bad breath that people don’t like. 

For most people, this is believed to be as a result of  poor dental hygiene and even diet for instance if you consistently eat onions or garlic, then naturally your breath is going to smell.

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Equally, if you have a health issue like a sinus problem or acid reflux, and are on medication, this can cause bad breath.

It is, therefore, advisable that everyone should brush their teeth for two minutes a day and floss. Food can get jammed in between your teeth and you need to remove it. If you smell the floss afterwards, it stinks! 

However, if the breath persists, feel free and seek medical advice.

3. Acne

Acne is almost a rite of passage in the transition from childhood to adulthood. However, they get so scary especially when they increase with age. Some people get irritated by acne that they go to an extent of undergoing  skin grafts to try and get rid of the scars.

Even though acne may be seen to come at the adolescent stage of life, in some cases it is triggered by both hormonal imbalance and polycystic ovaries.

There is need for people undergoing this situation to seek advice from gynaecologist or dermatologist  on the best antibiotics or contraceptive pill they can use. Men can also get antibiotics and for adults who have rosacea (a skin condition that causes facial redness and spots), this can be cleared with antibiotic treatment.

4. Snoring

A worrying reason for snoring is obstructive sleep, where you stop breathing because the relaxed throat muscles block the airway briefly ­hundreds of times each night. This can then deprive the body of oxygen and it can be very dangerous.

Snoring can be caused by having very large tonsils or a floppy larynx. When you lie down, the muscles that keep your airways open relax and become limp, causing the airways to narrow and vibrate more. 

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Sometimes you may take it as normal since your partner is used to your train-like snoring habit, you will fell embarrassed spending away with other people as some will go to an extent of waking you up to stop distracting them from their sleep.

Shame knows no one, wake up talk to a doctor and find a solution enroute to a peaceful sleep.

5. Genital rash

Itchy rashes are bad enough and so discomforting. 

Rashes that occur around the penis, vagina, or buttocks can seriously ratchet up your discomfort. Whether it’s a fungal infection like jock itch, an insect infestation such as scabies or pubic lice, or a condition like psoriasis that can occur anywhere on the body, the sooner you consult a doctor, the sooner you can stop scratching.

However if you remain to “die like a man,” death will really celebrate you before it whisks you away.

6. STI/Ds

This is always bad news for anyone on the first mention of it. Many people would not love to hear that they have contacted sexually transmitted infections/diseases.

Some STI/Ds, like gonorrhea, cause obvious symptoms, but other infections are silent. While genital herpes is more apparent during an outbreak, you can also get it from an infected partner who’s not showing any signs. Chlamydia, another common STI/D, often occurs without symptoms.

Some people will be philanthropic enough to boycott visiting a health facility even after their partners reveals to them their STi/Ds status. this makes the situation worse since some of these diseases are very dangerous to an extent that they kill or create long lasting damage if not treated early.

7. Vaginal odour

This is one of the biggest problems that women face, but many do not discuss it freely with their doctor.

vaginal odour is caused by  chlamydia, gonorrhoea or bacterial vaginosis; an overgrowth occurring due to vaginal bacteria.

Regular practice of good  hygiene like cleansing the area regularly using water and mild soap can wash away the smell, change underwear frequently, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water — which is good for more than just your skin. 

Washing your vagina before and after intimacy also helps to maintain natural bacteria levels because fluids and foreign substances like lubrication and spermicides from condoms tend to introduce bacteria.

Vaginal odour might sometimes be a sign of bigger health challenge like cervical cancer, it is therefore important to seek medication earlier enough if the home hygiene does not bring about any change.

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