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Farmers get condoms to prevent STDs

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Farmers in Murang’a South have been provided with free condoms in efforts to curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and family planning. The area Agricultural Officer Mr John Waihenya said he has been giving out condoms to farmers every time they have an agricultural forum.

Speaking to KNA in his office, the officer said since beginning of this year, he has issued more than 250, 000 condoms to farmers from Maragua, Kandara, Kigumo and Gatanga sub counties.

He said the government through agricultural offices has embarked on providing the protective materials so as to ensure farmers do not transfer sexually transmitted disease.  “The ministry of health is providing the condoms and are being distributed by Red Cross through our offices,” added the officer.

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He said most farmers shy away from purchasing condoms while others lack the money. “Most of our farmers fear to go and buy condoms from outlets, but through this programme majority have been coming for them. The condoms are also helping many to plan their families,” said Waihenya.

Farmers are first taught on the dangers of unsafe sex, a topic that was previously considered a taboo in most rural areas in the county.

He said when the programme started two years ago, majority of the farmers shied away but added that they have slowly embraced it. According to him, farmers now go to the extent of calling him for more supplies when they are delayed.

Waihenya said it is commendable that the residents can now freely talk about sex, adding that there is need for people to break the silence on the issue and create precedence for future generations not to engage in sexual immorality.

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“Agriculture goes hand in hand with health and the only way we can hope to have an agriculturally productive population is help farmers live healthy lives,” he added.

Waihenya noted the department of public health has now supplied him with 6 cartons of the free condoms, each containing close to 40,000 condoms for distribution during the festive season next month.

“Those living near shopping centres can access the free condoms from dispensers installed in all towns,” he added.

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