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Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli is in hot soup after raising a question regarding boyfriend drama in an interview with top Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidate Goldalyn Kakuya and her parents.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have been on her case after apparently mistaking the question was directed at  the Standard Eight graduate, who is still underage. The age of consent in Kenya is 16. The question left Goldalyn embarassed.

Here are some of the reactions:

@EliudNjirusky: ts was unethical for Lilian Muli to ask the top girl, Goldalyn if she has boyfriends on tv. She is too young for that @citizentvkenya.

@Asamoh_: Told Lilian Muli asked Goldalyn if she has a boyfriend. Githeri journalism for your u @citizentvkenya #GoldalynKakuya.

@amerix: Lilian Muli asked Golden Goldalyn if she has a boyfriend. All Lilian Muli and other TV Bimbos think is ‘the pelvis, lithotomy and coitus’- nothing between their ears. Shame!

@Kevin_teya: And Lilian Muli asked Goldelyn Gakuye, a pupil who just topped in KCPE whether she has a boyfriend. That is where our socialite journalism has reached.

However, another tweep, @kenmfalme defended her, saying the question was directed at her mother.

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@kenmfalme: Lillian Muli did not even ask the girl herself about boyfriends. She asked the mother. Trolls are just crucifying Lilian Muli for no reason.

The TV screen siren also took to Instagram to clarify that the question was not directed at the candidate.

” I asked her mother about phones and then asked her if she’s had any issues raising a teenager such as boyfriend drama. Did I at any point direct a boyfriend question to her! Unless you grew up in some hole in a pit latrine most 14 years olds have crushes at this age it’s part of growing up! But then again call me that name you posted to my face and let’s square it out man to woman since you choose to hide behind your private account,” she wrote.

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