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Man Who Sued Condoms Firm After Contracting STI Caught Pants Down

Justice Lawrence Mugambi said Williamson Nyakweba who filed the suit in 2018 did not prove that he purchased condoms manufactured by Beta International.

Kenya’s Multi-Million Condoms Enterprise Gets a Squeeze

Kenya is currently facing a severe shortage of condoms, putting the sexual health and HIV prevention efforts of citizens at risk.

The Real Causes Of The Current Condom Shortage In Kenya

The current condom shortage in Kenya has put sexual health and HIV prevention efforts at risk. And, for the first time, the main causes of the shortage have been revealed, exposing just how vulnerable the supply system of this vital item can be.

Poor quality condoms destroyed after busting during intercourse

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board today oversaw destruction of Fiesta brand of condoms worth Ksh10 million over quality issues. In a statement, the board said the condoms were recalled from several point of sales after it was noted that they were substandard. The recalling exercise...

Farmers get condoms to prevent STDs

Agricultural Officer John Waihenya saYS since beginning of this year, he has issued more than 250, 000 condoms to farmers from Maragua, Kandara, Kigumo and Gatanga sub counties

Five Surprising Things Men Carry in Their Wallets

They say women carry many funny things in their handbags including used soda bottles, pepper sprays, tampons and even safety pins. Little do we know that men carry very surprising things in their wallets too. These things may be for many different uses known to...