A wallet. Men carry many things in them including surprising items that should not. www.businesstoday.co.ke
A wallet. Men carry many things in them including surprising items that should not. [Photo/ Men's Journal]

They say women carry many funny things in their handbags including used soda bottles, pepper sprays, tampons and even safety pins. Little do we know that men carry very surprising things in their wallets too.

These things may be for many different uses known to them:

1. C*****s

Many men strive to avoid paternity suits mostly from women they don’t consider ‘wife material’. They, therefore, spend a few shillings to get a pack of c*****s and carry it around so that whenever they are faced with such situations they don’t get to do it without one.

Most men in committed relationships though never carry c*****s because of the fear of raising red flags in the minds of their girlfriends. However, while d***k the charm may net you a beautiful lady and the c*****s come in handy to avoid STDs.

Thou shall not be cheated to believe that a bulky wallet is full of money.

 2. Hotel receipts

When you hear of f****s at homes due to hotel receipts in which the wife was not the one taken for the treat, just know that 90% of the receipts were found in a wallet.

Men tend to book rooms or buy food for ‘mpango wa kando’ and put the receipts in their wallets forgetting that their wives go through them when they discover them, especially while doing some cleaning. Men tend to think that that is the safest place to keep them.

3. Plan B pills

The worst-case scenario in a one-night stand is impregnating a woman you just met. You may not even know the name. The moment of reckoning comes when you get a call from an unknown number and the woman on the other end says she is pregnant with your kid.

It immediately hits you that you had s*x without a c****m without thinking of its importance at that moment.

This is usually avoided by having a plan B p**l which, once you’ve realised you have made a mistake, you give it to the lady to avoid unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. This will help prevent c****s for most men.

4. Phone number of someone to bail you out of jail

You most likely already have memorized the number of your closest friends, but imagine for a second that you accidentally drank too much alcohol and your current fixation is testing the waters of your new woman of interest. Do you honestly think you can recite those numbers now? Do you even think you can remember your own?

According to many men, it is best to have it written down in your wallet just in case something goes foul, like you losing your phone or getting a******d.

5. Combat k***e

Combat knives come in different sizes and some of them can fit in wallets when completely folded.

Unlike women who prefer pepper sprays, men like carrying combat knives around. You will be utterly surprised the moment a man is attacked in your presence to see him pull a combat k***e from his pocket to protect himself.

Therefore, if you want to go through a man’s wallet you should be prepared for such surprises. An inhaler or b***d pressure d***s should be near you.

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