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The High Price Men Pay For Not Asking For Directions

According to a 2010 research by the company, the average male motorist in Britain travels some 444 extra kilometres (276 miles) per year simply because he refuses to ask for directions.

5 supportive roles men can play during a woman’s period

As the world mark Menstrual Hygiene today, it is important to note that men and boys have active roles to play in this empowerment. It is estimated that 52 percent of the female population in the world are at reproductive age but many men in...

High Job Demands Source of Weight Gain in Women

Heavy pressure at work seems to predispose women to weight gain unlike their male counterparts

FT develops tool that warns if articles quote too many men

The UK newspaper, which covers many male-dominated industries, is keen to attract more women readers, with its research suggesting they are put off by articles that rely heavily on quotes from men

Where men avoid treatment like plague

At Ruiru Level 4 hospital, male patients are a rare commodity only seen during critical conditions

Truecaller: Women report more unwanted calls than men

Report shows men in Kenya receive 15% more unwanted calls than women monthly, but women are reporting 11% more unwanted calls than men