A WhatsApp screenshot of the social media giant's new features. The company has added new features to block annoying friends from adding you to a group without your consent.

WhatsApp has launched a new privacy feature that will stop you from being added to WhatsApp group chats without your permission.

The social media giant had rolled out the new feature earlier this year to a select number of people as its pilot phase but launched the update officially on Wednesday to all users.

This will be welcome news to most people who are dragged into funeral& wedding arrangement groups, casual conversation groups as well as business groups without their permission.

WhatsApp’s new feature is a great privacy tool since a user can control who adds them to a group, there is also a tool to hide your identity to block strangers, scammers or online bullies.

When you’ve updated the app, just open up settings and scroll to account, followed by privacy and then groups. You will be able to filter who can add you to a group. You will be provided with three options; Everyone, My Contacts Except and My Contacts.

The Everyone option gives anyone who has your number the free reign to add you to a group anytime they please while the My contacts option means that only friends will be able to add you.


The early version of the update allowed you to also choose Nobody which blocked everyone from adding you to a group.

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Whatsapp has now replaced the Nobody option with My Contacts Except which will allow select contacts to add you to a group.

However, people you have blocked from adding you to a group will still be able to send you an invitation via private message.

In a statement, WhatsApp said development of the feature was necessitated by feedback from users adding that the company was keen to improve user experience.

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“Today, we’re introducing a new privacy setting and invite system to help you decide who can add you to groups,” read the statement.

 “With these new features, users will have more control over the group messages they receive. These new privacy settings will begin rolling out to some users starting today and will be available worldwide in the coming days to those using the latest version of WhatsApp.” reads the statement.


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