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Trump will never call women beautiful

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It is not a case of the beautiful ones are not yet born for US President Donald Trump, but one that he perceives as political correctness.

President Trump said on November 5 that he will not refer to women as beautiful anymore, but as is the case with the US head of state, things are never just that simple.

It was a day before the US midterm elections and President Trump was campaigning at a rally in Ohio. He then had to introduce his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to come up on stage. But that’s where things took a turn.

“I don’t know, people will say this is nepotism,” said President Trump moments before introducing Ivanka in a video aired by CNN.

“But the truth is, she’s a very very, … you’re not allowed to use the word beautiful anymore when talking about women.”

He went on to explain why, amid laughter and jeers. “You’re not allowed, no, no. It’s politically incorrect.”


The Ohio crowd then seems to grow tense and awkward as he continues his rhetoric which seems like an attempt to get men on his side in a somewhat ‘unofficial oath taking.’

“Every man, raise your hand. You will never, ever say your wife, your girlfriend, anybody is beautiful, ever again, right?”

President Trump then segued back to introducing his daughter. “I’m not allowed to say it, because it’s my daughter Ivanka, but she’s really smart.”

The latest comment by the US President again seemed to carry a unique Trump trait of being aloof with off the cuff statements.

It may be understandable why President Trump resorted to mentioning the political correctness of terms to use when referring to women, especially in the era of #MeToo and with the US President himself being subject to allegations of inappropriate comments and behaviour towards women.

What it does however add is the growing catalogue of awkward statements that Trump has made in relation to Ivanka.

President Trump has in the past referred to Ivanka as “hot” and a “beauty”, and has even on one occasion said, “if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”



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Mike Njoroge
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