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Happy anniversary! Julie Gichuru elated as 15th marriage anniversary beckons

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Former TV personality Julie Gichuru is set to mark her 15th marriage anniversary later this month.

The former KTN, Citizen TV and KBC news anchor and manager took to social media to mark her 18-year relationship with Anthony Gichuru, the son of former powerful Kenya Power Managing Director Samuel Gichuru.  The two exchanged their nuptial vows on November 29, 2003.

The two are blessed with five children. However, marriage has had its ups and downs. The couple lost their son who choked to death. He was months-old.

Then there were rumuors that she is staying in an abusive marriage, which she sought to discount in the best way she could. Through a poem titled ‘Talk is Cheap.’

She wrote:

First they said,

“She is married to a very old man,

A veritable sugar daddy,

What a terrible plan!”

Then they said,

“Oh she’s married to a snipper of a lad,

Shame, she robbed the cradle,

How terrible, how bad!”

Then they said,

“He beats her, she gets a whipping now and then,

How can she put up with it?

She is just a pecked hen!”

Then they said,

“That man, he is kaliwad like mad,

She controls things like a nonsense,

So shocking, so sad!”

It seems they must say something,

There’s always something to be said…

Truth means nothing to them,

But remember, keep your head…

While lies are very hurtful, causing sorrow and pain,

Your victory is that the truth quite a different game.

As you sit back and hear the contorted lies they tell,

Say thank you Lord for giving me a life so sweet and well!

And so ensure your affirmation resides within your soul –

Feeding your focus and passion, making you happy and whole.

For they will not stop the talk, it is what they do best –

But talk is cheap, and this they’ll learn when they face this very test.

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