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Companies that attract and retain stars employ these five strategies

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The recent movements of star employees in the media sector in search of greener pastures within the same playing ground have left many people wondering who will be next. Others are asking questions without getting immediate answers.

Corporate watchers interested in stability and continuity of organizations single out retention of high fliers as a key factor that needs to be re-examined. Organizations that want to keep their star employees long in the stable should consider employing some of the following approaches.

Improve the working environment

Star employees cherish a working environment where the workforce is accorded with due respect, handled with dignity and treated equitably on remuneration matters. Such a workplace motivates high performing employees to unlock their potential with innovative flexibility to achieve work performance goals. The employee-friendly environment is a breeding ground for loyal and dedicated employees who want to go an extra mile to meet customer expectations. Management should develop policies that re-engineer the working environment to retain Class A employees for posterity.

Train managers on interpersonal skills

During exit interviews departing employees claim unsubstantiated organizational conditions are driving them away. Yet the unspoken main reason could be the immediate manager or supervisor whose unacceptable commissions and omissions had reached a boiling point. Managers with poor interpersonal skills cause havoc to employees under them in the pretext of “flogging” them to achieve agreed targets.

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Managers with no prior training in leadership and management have found themselves in the position after excelling in work performance. Progressive organizations identify employees with potential for leadership to undergo management development programs. Over time the organizations create a pool of future leaders out of which the best managers are selected.

Review salaries and benefits

Organizations that record high retention rates of star employees are known to regularly review staff salaries and benefits to either match or exceed the market rates. Such organizations are aware that outstanding employees are like hot cakes ready to be poached by employers in the competition. Established companies in the same industry team up to undertake remuneration surveys that inform their decisions on salary and benefits adjustments.

Initiate work-life balance programs

Some high performers at the workplace tend to spend a lot of time on work-related assignments to the detriment of the family life and personal matters. Work-life imbalance if not tackled in good time could sow seeds for the future exodus of star employees.  Employers who appreciate the effects of work life imbalance on productivity and staff retention have initiated relevant employee wellness programs that exceed the legal minimum ones.

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Introduce recognition programs

Human beings are attuned to receiving appreciation for anything done well, even though they shy off to verbally voice this nagging urge. Remember how your day was made superb on the occasion your manager or supervisor praised you for an excellent job done in front of your colleagues. Organizations that are moving from “good to great” continue to initiate Best Employee Recognition Programs that form the foundation of elaborate staff retention strategies.

The key parameters that determine the chances of retaining star employees are their level of work satisfaction and engagement in a supportive work environment. Management should undertake both employee satisfaction and employee engagement surveys to inform the implementation of proactive staff retention interventions.

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