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A third of the people in the world is more angry, sad and stressed than ever, reports Gallup Global Emotions 2019 Report.

The survey conducted in 2018 was based on telephone and face-to-face interviews with approximately 1,000 adults, aged 15 and older.

About 150,000 people from 143 countries were interviewed with more than 50,000 reporting stress and anger the previous day before the survey.

Chad in North Africa was ranked as the most negative country followed by Niger, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Iran. These countries, according to the report are conflict zones.

Chadians were found to be the saddest and most pain stricken among the world’s people, the pollster said it could be attributed to the violence, displacement and the collapse of basic services in parts of Chad that have affected thousands of families.

Paraguay was reported to be the most positive country after Panama, Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador.

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Gallup said the results “at least partly reflect the cultural tendency in the region to focus on life’s positives.”

Niger, the Philippines, Liberia and Ecuador topped the list of the most emotional countries in 2018. On average, six in 10 residents in each of these countries reported experiencing positive or negative emotions.

Armenias, Iraqis, Iranians, Palestinians and Moroccans were revealed to be the most angry population.

Further, the new study revealed that the levels of stress are at a new high, while levels of worry and sadness has also increased.

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Ironically, about 71% of people said they experienced a considerable amount of enjoyment the day before the survey.

Some 39% of those polled said they had been worried the day before the survey, and 35% were stressed.



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