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Eight things people must know about you

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The better part of our lives is spent worrying about what people think about us. We are worried about approval/validation from others not realising that every person has his own flaws and must live with it. We fail to enjoy life because we are afraid of being judged or seen in negative light even when we have been wronged. We, therefore, try to hide them as a means of protecting ourselves, which can be hurtful.

These are some of the things that you must first embrace about yourself then show it out to everyone else as you become comfortable with who you are:

1. Abuse

Whatever kind of abuse that you face, whether  physical, verbal, stalking, financial, sexual, and even online abuse, you need to talk about it. When kept, the pain might stock to dangerous levels and at times even lead to suicide.

2. Sexual Assault

This is similar abuse but its prevalence makes it even more serious. Even though mostly experienced by ladies, men also face it from time to time. You must speak out about it so as to get necessary help.

3. Love

It goes without that one of the worst feelings on earth is to love someone and never get to tell them. Love can mean a whole host of things. Let the ones you love know how much they mean to you.

4. The Truth

Even though we live in a society where being truthful is regarded as a vice and people with low integrity awarded, telling the truth matters so much in life. Honesty is a courageous and respectable thing to have and nobody will ever disrespect you for telling the truth. It’s not always easy but it sure is a relief to get things off your chest.

5. Your Imperfections

Most of the times people fail to show their imperfections because of the fear of being judged. It is high time you realised that nobody is perfect and that people will always relate to your situation. It is human to be imperfect.

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6. Your Passion

Never hide your passion from anyone because it makes you who you are. Do not refrain from showing your passion no matter how embarrassing or ignorant it might feel. Passion comes from anywhere and can be a dedication to anything, so hold on to yours.

7. Your weirdness

Everyone in this world is weird in way. You only got to show it and find the people who will accept it as well as people who you will accept their weirdness. You do not have to feel low about it.

8. Your Beliefs

Everyone has got opinions on different things in the society. You should form your opinions based on what you feel and think. Do not feel bad about having a given view on something. You must openly stand by your beliefs and views in life.

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