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Take these 3 actions if you want to become a CEO by 30



If you want to be CEO at 30, you need to have the values of a selfless leader.

You are in your 20s and your one goal in life is to start a company. Whenever you talk to people about this, the look they give you makes it clear that they do not believe that your dreams are achievable. If you are already in the group of 20 somethings who dreams of one day running their own company, don’t despair. Many young people have done it and you too can.

People around you may not believe in you but I tell you that it is achievable. You can become anything you want as long as you believe in yourself and are ready to put in the work. Owning your own company is not as difficult as most people think. It just requires you to have the determination to succeed and a lot of hard work. The leadership skills you are expected to have are all the same as in the past years.

If you have a goal and a vision of what kind of company you want to run, I don’t see why you are yet to pursue that. Here are three things that you need to do today if you want to become a CEO by the time you are 30.

1. Build a team to complement your shortcomings

Even the most experienced CEOs need the help of other people to make their vision achievable. For 20 somethings who want to become CEO by the time they are 30, this is very important to avoid making mistakes that may ruin your company.

Lack of experience in certain areas outside your expertise can mean the end of your company even before it begins. From hiring the wrong people, spending too much money, to going against the law just to name a few. When you are looking to start a company, don’t go for people who are like you.

Look for someone or people who can bring a little diversity in your business.

You cannot be a jack of all trades and at one time, you will need someone who is experienced in another way. Together you will build a very strong company.

2. Utilize the power of positive and negative thinking

If you are looking to start a business in your 20s having not done something like that before you are likely to encounter a lot of challenges. For one, investors will be shy to invest in your company for lack of a track record and evidence to show that you have what it takes to succeed.

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The best way to overcome this is to do aggressive marketing. Sell your idea to as many people as you can. The advantage you will have being a young and upcoming CEO is that you do not know what is possible and not possible so you will go ahead and try it.

For seasoned CEOs, they know what will work and what will not work and so they will be careful what paths to trend. For you as a young leader, you might be able to break through what experienced leaders dare not venture into.

3. Finally, practice humility

If you are looking to be a leader you need to be transparent and humble when prompted to – which is most of the time. Humility allows you to sit back and listen to the ideas of others. It is one of the core values on which companies like Google are founded at.

Most people perceive humility as a weakness when in fact it is the greatest character that a leader may possess. Humble people practice the art of listening and in that way, they are able to learn a few things from others. They give praise where it is due. They constantly question their own views and take a step back to figure out if they are aligned to what they business is about. They do not beat their chest and pretend to know everything.

Of course, when running a business you are all about the win. Practice humility but don’t forget that you are in it for the win. If you want to be CEO at 30, you need to have the values of a selfless leader.

You need to have the vision of where you want the company to be in 5 or more years. You need the counsel of other people who are experienced in other areas. And most importantly, you need to sit back and listen to the opinion of others.

Managing Partner and Head of Recruitment at Corporate Staffing Services Ltd and an accomplished human resource consultant with over ten years of experience in recruitment, career and leadership coaching. He has consulted for top local and international companies. Email [email protected]

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Executive Decision

Angela Ndambuki takes over as KNCCI chief executive



New KNCCI Chief Executive Officer Angela Ndambuki.

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) has appointed Ms. Angela Ndambuki as the new Chief Executive Officer.

Ms Angela, who took over Monday, succeeds George Kiondo who has been the Acting CEO for the last 8 months.

In a press statement, KNCCI chairman Kiprono Kittony said that after a rigorous search, the Board concluded that Ms Ndambuki’s leadership and considerable experience in strategic leadership, advocacy brings a wealth of business knowledge and management experience.

Ndambuki, a former singer with Tatuu band, previously worked with the Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) as the CEO and demonstrated throughout her career the ability to work successfully in different environments, designing and leading strategies which resulted in impressive value creation.

“I look forward to working with her to create the next chapter of the KNCCI’s story of success. I also thank Mr Kiondo for his exemplary leadership of KNCCI over the last eight months,” Kittony said.

He noted that Kiondo has ensured that the organization has continued to move forward both strategically and operationally, and has delivered results having taken on additional responsibility at a critical time for the Company.

Kiondo, the former Acting CEO, said: “I welcome Ms. Ndambuki to her new role and wish her every success. I should like to thank all my colleagues for their support during the past 8 months. I will continue to offer my support and ensure that the Company continues to drive forward.”

Ndambuki, on the other hand, said she was excited to take over as the new CEO especially at this time when the country is experiencing great and favorable attention as the most preferred investment destination in Africa from leading global investment agencies.

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“My role will focus on enhancing this image and grow the international investors’ portfolio. With the same energy we shall focus on key advocacy issues affecting the business community to ensure a favorable business climate for Kenyan companies and facilitate ease of doing business,” she said.

She promised to grow the KNCCI membership in partnership with all the 47 county chapters to include all corporates and SMEs countrywide.

Ms Ndambuki is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. She holds a Master of Laws Degree (LLM) in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB) from the University of Nairobi, Kenya.

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Business News

Former spymaster joins KQ board

The changes come at a time the national carrier is seeking government help to ward off competition from other airlines at JKIA hub



Former National Intelligence Service (NIS) Director General Maj Gen (Rtd) Michael Gichangi.

Former Director General of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) Maj Gen (Rtd) Michael Gichangi was among three directors elected last Friday to join the board of national carrier, Kenya Airways. The others are Prof Paul Mwangi Maringa and Ms Caroline Armstrong, according to a notice in a section of today’s press.

The three were elected during KQ’s Annual General Meeting. Maj Gen (Rtd) Gichangi left the NIS in 2014 having been appointed to the position in 2006 for an initial term of five years . He was elected to replace to replace one of the two members – Wanjiku Mugane and Ronald Schipper – who retired.

Since he left the spy agency, Gichangi has kept a low profile after failing to take up his appointment by President Uhuru Kenyatta as chairman of the Private Security Regulatory Authority board in 2016.

Prof Mwangi, who is the Principal Secretary in the State Department of Public Works, holds Bachelor of Architecture (hons) and Master of Arts (Planning) from the Universty of Nairobi and a Doctor of Philosply from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. His professional profile includes design works for several landmark buildings in Kenya and elsewhere, including military barracks.

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Ms Armstrong, on the other hand, has vast experience in project management and in the banking industry rising the ranks from a management trainee at ABN Amro Bank to serve in senior positions at Barclays Bank and Housing Finance Company. She is presently the Group Strategic Projects Director at HF Group.

She has been a non-executive director at both Kenya Airways and Jambonet, a KQ subsidiary company.

During the stormy AGM, shareholders demanded a review of the airline’s partnership with KLM, which they said had failed the mutual benefit test. They opined the Dutch airline had turned into a competitor rathe than a business partner to KQ’s disadvantage.

It also emerged the process of commencing direct flights to the United States will take more time to be actualised due to pending audits and partnerships with other airlines that would need to be inked to facilitate seamless flights.

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The board changes come at a time the national carrier is seeking government help to ward off competition from other airlines at its Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) hub.

“Everybody wants an airline, the question is; are we all playing the same rules?” chief executive Sebastian Mikosz posed at a press conference on Thursday last week.

Chairman Michael Joseph said they had been in discussions with the government and the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) prior to the elections and that the negotiations were expected to continue after the political season is over.

“We need to have a bit more aggressive strategies from the government in protecting our airline and our airport,” said Mr Joseph.

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Executive Decision

NMG rehires former senior editor as director

Veteran editor rejoins media house’s board in an advisory role at a time its products are under the microscope over alleged political bias



Former Nation Media Group Editorial Director Wangethi Mwangi. He has rejoined the company as a non-executive director.

Former Nation Media Group (NMG) Editorial Director Wangethi Mwangi has made a comeback as the media house seeks to revamp its editorial output to boost revenue.

Mr Wangethi, who left the twin towers nearly 10 years ago, has been appointed as a non-executive director and will be playing an advisory role. NMG, the region’s largest media house, has seen its revenues decline over the years amid a squeeze in advertising spend by the government and major corporates.

Last year, former Special Projects Editor Macharia Gaitho was also recalled out of retirement to head the political desk at Nation Centre as the country prepared for the August 8 General Election.

However, the media house has been under the microscope both internally and externally, due to perceptions of bias in the coverage of issues emerging from the contested presidential election.

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SEE: Standard top editor on the spot as layoff looms

On Thursday, for instance, questions were raised after the Daily Nation went to town with a splash headline indicating the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) had been let off the hook while, in actual sense, the majority of the Supreme Court judges based their decision to nullify President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win on account of illegalities and irregularities it committed during the transmission of results.

The headline was based on the four judges’ view that though there were “systemic institutional problems”, they could not finger anyone to have been personally culpable for the same.

What raised more questions was that the headline was at variance with the paper’s editorial, which demanded that “IEBC must get it right in the repeat poll.”

In the newspaper industry, an editorial, also known as the leader, is the product of deliberations by the editorial board regarding which issues are important for their readership to know the newspaper’s opinion.

At other times, an editorial presents the opinion of the publisher, manager or the editor himself.

The question that then arises is at what point did Daily Nation’s editors decide to lead with a story exonerating IEBC when they had already made a decision that more was needed from the electoral agency ahead of the fresh election?

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The story was also at variance with a piece done by Gaitho on the same. Some critics have offered that the decision could have been informed by an attempt at product differentiation but still, this does not reflect well on the media house, which only recently had to reach out to Nasa after Siaya senator James Orengo asked Opposition supporters to boycott its products.

These are some of the issues Wangethi is expected to confront if he is to enhance NMG’s fortunes.

Currently, he is a member of the Media Complaints Commission (MCC), a position he was appointed to by Information, Communication and Technology Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru on September 6 last year for a period of three years.

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Executive Decision

Standard Group shops for a CEO at Uchumi

It is understood Dr Julius Kipngetich has all but agreed to become the media house’s next CEO when his contract expires next month



Uchumi Supermarkets CEO Julius Kipngetich. He is set to take over at Mombasa Road-based Standard Group

Barely two weeks after Standard Group CEO Sam Shollei resigned, it has emerged that he is set to be replaced by a local captain of industry. It is understood that Uchumi CEO Julius Kipngetich is certainly taking over the baton in running Standard Group, which owns Kenya’s second largest daily newspaper, The Standard, and television station, KTN, among other media platforms.

Sources have indicated to Business Today that Mr Kipngetich, whose contract at Uchumi expires next month, has agreed to join Standard. Mr Kipngetich joined Uchumi in August 2015 from Equity Bank where he had worked for three years. He was expected to help turn around the fortunes of Kenya’s oldest supermarket brand but things have not been easy for him, with efforts to get a government bailout hitting a snag.

The Standard Group Board has been talking to Mr Kipngetich and is said to have reached a deal with him.  Kipngetich, clearly frustrated at the slow pace of recovery at Uchumi, will be happy to join a media company with huge potential.

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He had recently announced that Uchumi had secured a strategic investor who is set to inject Ksh3.5 billion into the retailer which will partly plug the Ksh5 billion debt hole the supermarket chain owes suppliers and financiers. That has not materialised. Meanwhile, the government has been dithering in releasing Ksh1.2 billion to the retailer as part of a bailout loan, leaving the retail chain gasping for breath.

This is what could have influenced his decision to grab the opportunity offered by The Standard Group as all his hope of turning Uchumi into the “Equity of the retail market” appears to have evaporated.

But it will still be a different ball-game altogether, moving from selling commodities off the shelves to dealing in one of the most perishable commodities there is: news! His stint at Kenya Wildlife Services, which he lifted from the deathbed to one of the most admired organisations, earned him high grades and the tag turnaround CEO. This will be tested critically as he begins to deal with newsroom forces of journalism, sources, advertisers and deadlines.

Mr Shollei had put the company on the road to recovery, butfell out with the board and principal shareholders over a number of issues.

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Standard Finance Director Orlando Lyomu was appointed in acting capacity as the company searches for a substantive replacement.  At Standard Group, staff are not very excited about Kipngetich, saying he may not have the stamina to run a media company with very strong external political influence.

“People here feel he is an over-rated turn-around CEO,” said a senior editor, who works at Standard Group. “We can’t bank so much on him. But we know we have strong soldiers on the ground to deliver solid products for both print and broadcast.”

His background

Dr  Julius Kangogo Kipngetich, CBS, has been Chief Executive Officer of Uchumi Supermarkets Limited since August 3, 2015. Dr Kipng’etich served as the Chief Operating Officer of Equity Group Holdings Limited until September 4, 2015 and served as its Executive Director from June 27, 2008 to January 05, 2015. Dr Kipng’etich served as the Chief Executive Officer of Kenya Wildlife Service. Before then, he served as a Managing Director of Kenya Wildlife Services.

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He previously served as the Managing Director of Investment Promotion Centre. Kipngetich also serves as a Director of Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation.

He holds a Masters of Business Administration degree and a Bachelors of Commerce in Accounting option degree from University of Nairobi.

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Babu Owino arrested over Uhuru slur

The first time MP is being grilled at Mazingira House, the DCI headquarters, over his weekend remarks in Dagoretti, Nairobi

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Cholera outbreak at Daystar University

Vice Chancellor Dr Timothy Wachira says the situation is under close supervision by the administration and an awareness campaign had...

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President Uhuru’s son who can’t speak Swahili

President Uhuru Kenyatta's son had accompanied DP William Ruto for a campaign tour of Nandi but viewers were taken aback...

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Prolonged campaigns fatigue Kenyans

Henry Wandera, an economics lecturer in Nairobi, noted that elections tend to cause fatigue as they slow down all the...

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Kenyans rearing crickets to meet growing demand for special proteins

The cost of establishing a basic system is about Ksh3,096 (US$30), in addition to the cost of the initial breeding...

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Raila now threatens to prosecute Chebukati, top IEBC officials

Opposition Nasa gives DPP Keriako Tobiko 72 hours to act or it institutes private prosecutions

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Trump hails Africa for making his friends rich

While US President almost certainly meant it as compliment, and even seemed to pause for applause, not one attendee clapped...

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IEBC begins to fall apart as senior officer quits

Legal officer Praxedes Tororey was one of the 12 officials NASA named and demanded to be removed for bungling the...

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Coincidence or fate? Rerun to be held on Uhuru’s birthday

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IEBC sets new date for presidential re-run

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