Dr Stephen Mogusu
Dr Stephen Mogusu: Doctors and teachers are the most disregarded employees yet they do phenomenal and immeasurable jobs.


These were the last words written by a dedicated doctor who, unfortunately, passed away due to Covid -19. As usual, our shameless politicians were at it again, running to social media to issue condolences. Why do they even bother when they could have done something to prevent his death?

How pretentious of these politicians! Doctors and teachers are the most disregarded employees yet they do phenomenal and immeasurable jobs. But we pay them by not giving them their rightful dues. In fact, we should even be giving them bonuses. Today, let us focus on doctors. Being a doctor is a calling. Nobody can choose to go through all the sacrifices they go through for free. Studying for this carer is no easy feat. But doctors do that.

They go through all this toiling and hardworking to have a healthy nation yet the government is thwarting their efforts and continuously stabbing them in the back.

Covid-19 came and everybody ran scared to the safety of their homes. But the brave doctors braved the situation and woke up every morning, leaving their families behind to go fight the pandemic that nobody knew anything about. All we knew was that it was deadly. They are the frontline workers of the pandemic.


Five months of no pay but with mouths to feed, no PPE’s to protect them, and no insurance cover. Yet our politicians have the audacity to shamelessly hold rallies for BBI. What is this BBI nonsense when doctors have no pay and the country is grappling with a pandemic?

If anyone should be understanding, it should be the politicians, not the doctors. Why are our politicians this selfish? We need to focus on the plight of the common mwananchi. We are dying at the merciless hands of Covid -19 yet all they can do is talk about BBI. Politicians should stop taking us for a ride and do the work we elected them to do.

For once consider the doctors and pay them. Don’t blame them for plunging the country into a crisis. In any case, the county has been in a crisis since the current government took over and pushed us into a hole of debt. It has been borrowing for development we never see. The money is fattening certain individuals at the expense of hardworking citizens.

Where is our conscience?

That is what happens when you are power-hungry and care about yourselves. A doctor died in the line of duty and the truth of the matter is that the government has failed this profession. More doctors continue to die and others have already passed on. When is the most opportune moment for the government to act?

How is a BBI referendum important now? How is getting signatures from people who are dying of any value to them? This can only be done by selfish leaders.

Our leaders must get their priorities right. Do not go around criticizing doctors for they have done so much more for this country than your pretentious selves as politicians. Pay the doctors and make this country a priority.

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