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Rasna Warah: I’m no longer contemplating committing suicide

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Former Daily Nation columnist Rasna Warah has admitted she contemplated committing suicide but says her situation has since improved.

Warah sent shock waves among her fans when she tweeted on Tuesday seeking tips on how to commit suicide.

Her tweet came barely a week after the world marked the 15th World Suicide Prevention Day. World Health Organisation 2016 statistics indicate that suicide is the second-leading cause of death among those 15–29 years old. Evidence demonstrates it is a global issue, with more than 79% of suicides occurring in low and middle-income countries.But if Warah’s case is anything to go by, suicide has no age-limit. So serious is the issue that there is a campaign to have media outlets change their style books to replace the phrase ‘commit suicide’ with alternatives, such as ‘died by suicide.’

Experts say that many suicides happen impulsively during moments of crisis. These can include “a breakdown in the ability to deal with life stresses, such as financial problems, relationship break-up or chronic pain and illness,” the WHO said in a report, released August 2018. Despite stigma around the subject, suicides are often preventable.

“Joining together is critical to preventing suicide,” the International Association for Suicide Prevention  (IASP), which partnered with WHO to launch the event in 2003, stresses.


Many of Warah’s fans called on family and close acquaintances to reach out to her to establish if she was OK, saying her death would be a big blow to those who have been reading her articles and books. Many were elated when she revealed she was no longer contemplating taking her life.

Warah is among eight columnists who quit writing for Nation Media Group early this year citing lack of editorial independence.

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