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Dance Therapy Gains Currency in Mental Illness Treatment

Using a movement metaphor or prop can help a person physically and expressively demonstrate a therapeutic challenge or achievement.

The Case for Social Therapy in Managing Depression

Depression can be ignited by many issues including failed relationship, loss of a job or loved one, oppression and rejection, among others.

Bolt Installs Plastic Films in Taxis to Protect Passengers From COVID-19

The move, the company says will help reduce the spread of COVID-19

This Decade of Healthy Aging Hasn’t Started so Well

Healthy aging spans the life-course and is relevant to everyone

Sanitisers for Frontline Health Workers in Nairobi, Kisumu Dispatched

Amref and KRCS will be responsible for the distribution process.

WHO Concerned About HIV Positive, Malnourished Children as Coronavirus Spreads

WHO is concerned about the impact the covid-19 coronavirus could have among populations with high HIV prevalence and malnourished children.