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Suicide Or Conspiracy? Caroline Kangogo’s Run Ends In Mum’s Bathroom

Rift Valley Regional Police Commissioner George Natembeya confirmed the bizarre end to the story of the suspected killer policewoman who made headlines after being linked to the killing of two men and eluding police dragnets. Corporal Kangogo, according to Natembeya, shot herself in the head inside her mother’s bathroom.

The Case for Social Therapy in Managing Depression

Depression can be ignited by many issues including failed relationship, loss of a job or loved one, oppression and rejection, among others.

Of Suicide and the Sixth Commandment

Life is precious. And life is a struggle, for everyone. We all have good and bad days, that is the recipe for life. Let not that beautiful smile, hearty laughter, big cars or trendy clothes deceive you, we are all struggling with something. However, when...

Miss Universe Kenya: Don’t encourage a suicide post, reach out

When Nyandarua County hit the headlines over the high number of suicide cases among men, Miss Universe Kenya Wabaiya Kariuki knew where next she will take her mental health awareness to. In collaboration with PDO Kenya, a mental health organisation operating in Nakuru County, they...

Suicide grief: How to cope when a loved one commits suicide

Suicide is a dreaded topic in the traditional Africa yet it is slowly becoming an epidemic affecting young men and women. In the latest reports, in central Kenya about five suicide cases are recorded in one day to 120 in a month. Men aged between...

Did he jump or was he pushed out? Opinion divided as man falls out of 17th floor window

Initial reports indicated Stephen Mumbo, an assistant manager at the company, jumped out on his own