First responders attend to Stephen Mumbo, an assistant manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers after he fell our of a 17th floor window. He later died in hospital.

Opinion is divided over whether a PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) senior employee who d**d after falling out of the 17th floor of Delta Towers building in Nairobi on Friday committed s*****e or he was pushed out by someone else.

Initial reports indicated Stephen Mumbo, an assistant manager at the company, jumped out on his own with one tweep claiming he opted to to take his life following a domestic dispute while others suggested it was the result of d********n.

According to other reports, Mumbo was rushed to the Aga Khan Hospital after being given first aid but succumbed to his i******s.

However, some are question why people rush to make conclusions when there is a chance he could have been pushed out.

A few years ago, a manager with a pyramid scheme that was based on the 6th floor of Union Towers along Moi Avenue was pushed out of the window and to his d***h by a person who had lost his money during a commotion in the office.

Neither PwC nor the police have spoken on the Friday’s i******t.

Here are some of the reactions:



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