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The Holy month of Ramadhan in the Muslim calendar starts today, May 6th, after the crescent moon was sighted in Hola, Tana River County.

Chief Kadhi Ahmed Muhdhar confirmed the beginning of the fast period to local muslims countrywide.

According to the Q***n, Muslims are obligated to observe the Holy Month of Ramadhan only after seeing the new moon.

Kenya joins other countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Algeria and Turkey who start observing the Holy Month today.

Ramadhan is usually observed for 29 or 30 days, depending on the lunar cycle.

Considered as the Holiest period, Ramadhan, which is the ninth month in the muslim calendar is the time when Q***n was revealed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

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During Ramadhan, Muslims observe evening prayers known as Taraweeh. The special prayers are conducted after Isha (the daily evening’s last prayer).

President Uhuru Kenyatta extended best wishes to local muslims as they embark on the Holy Month and urged unity among the people of Kenya.

“The Holy Month of Ramadhan as an important pillar in the Muslim faith should be a period that inculcates in us the values of discipline, devotion and humility. We particularly recognize the importance of this season to members of the Muslim community as it is a month during which they strengthen their journey of devotion and reflection,” said mr Kenyatta in a circular.

Mr Kenyatta emphasized the key role faith plays in values of unity, tolerance, compassion, charity and integrity from individual and family level to the entire nation.

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“As our Muslim brothers and sisters devote themselves to strengthen their faith during this period, we join them in solidarity and recognize the place of faith in consolidating our national unity,” he said.

“I also take this opportunity to encourage all Kenyans to cherish unity and tolerance; and to discard the minor challenges that seek to divide us while embracing the bonds that unite us,” he added.



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