The festive season is one where expenses increase tenfold as people seek to enjoy the end and beginning of the year. There are ways to finance this with a guaranteed logbook loan, for instance, being used to finance the season’s needs.
There is a lot of unnecessary spending in families which inflates bills every month. Cutting down on this spending can bring savings that go a long way. [Photo/ Njenga Hakeenah]

The festive season is here and the holiday mood is creeping in.

This year, the economy hasn’t been at its best, with earnings for most people declining, which is forcing people to seek cash boost from external sources.

For many, the Christmas season and New Year celebrations come with extra expenditure to make merry or just treat friends and loved ones.

Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) listing

With many providers of digital credit and other loans relying solely on credit reference bureau (CRB) listing, it can be hard finding a reliable partner whenever you need a quick financial boost.

Mwananchi Credit offers tailor-made financial solutions to help borrowers realize their potential and objectives for business as well as personal growth.

The company accommodates all kinds of clients, even those listed on the CRB and with weak statements, making it a rare credit company in Kenya.

Mwananchi Credit has over the years accumulated enough capital to understand the market needs and also to attract more customers who need their services.

The terms and conditions are very flexible and suitable for every client in relation to their needs thus make their offers more attractive. Some of the services you can take advantage of for the festive season include cheque advancing, logbook loans and salary advance.

Mwananchi Credit has made the loan process so swift that some loans are cleared in just ten minutes, meaning you can borrow to sort emergencies as well.

Logbook loan

The guaranteed logbook loan can be used by individuals to meet personal expenses such as medical, school fees, purchase of household goods etc. The loan facility is secured using your cars’ logbook up to Ksh20 million. 

To access the Mwananchi Credit loans you only need to log on to Mwananchi online application portal. Registration and loan applications are free of charge.

Cheque discounting

Mwananchi gives cash against cheques issued by reputable companies at competitive commission rates. The company also discount post-dated cheques for selected companies.

“The product ensures you obtain immediate cash against your cheque drawn by a reputable company, whether current or post-dated,” says Mwananchi Credit director Dennis Mombo.

“This ensures a continuous flow of your business working capital which would otherwise be affected awaiting the cheque to complete the clearing cycle.”

Salary advance

The Salary Advance Product finances employees of reputable companies with evidence of salary payment for the last six months. The loans can be repaid in a flexible repayment period. The facility can be used to fund emergencies such as school fees, hospital bills, wedding expenses, funeral expenses, court fines, etc.

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