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Data Is The Key To Stimulating The Credit Market

Data Is The Key To Stimulating The Credit Market

Fuliza Ya Biashara: Everything You Need To Know

Safaricom has partnered with KCB Bank Kenya to launch Fuliza ya Biashara, an overdraft facility that allows extension of credit to business owners with M-Pesa Business tills.

Loan That Pays Your Salary Well Before Your Employer Does

The temptation was too good to resist. For Maureen Were, the dream for the latest double-door fridge was overwhelming. So, on a Saturday afternoon she walked into dáaler’s shop in Nairobi’s CBD, checked out a number of brands and settled on a humongous fridge taller...

Mobile Banking Service Turns Into a Reliable Source Of Salary Loans

A mobile banking service offered by Co-operative Bank, MCo-opCash offers access to a variety of banking, money transfer, payment services and even loans.

Mwananchi Credit Launches Election Campaign Loans

As the race towards the general elections in Kenya heats up, Mwananchi Credit has launched a special 'political fund‘ to offer political candidates loans to run their campaigns. Dubbed 'Mheshimiwa Loans', these are specifically customised to be attractive to politicians vying for various seats. Among the...

Co-op Bank Offers Up To Sh15 Million Financing For SMES

Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are central to Kenya's economy as they provide jobs to over 15 million workers and contribute to the national income. The MSMEs are among businesses hardest-hit by the Covid-19. Lack of funds and low business activity are some...