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Logbook Loans: What You Need To Know

The financial sector has experienced a lot of changes in the recent past, with the advent of different modes of loans and financing. Apart from the online lenders becoming common, logbook loans are fast becoming one of the easiest ways to get loans, due to...

Mwananchi Ranked Best Logbook Loans Provider For Third Year

Best Logbook Loans: Mwananchi Credit has been recognized for the third consecutive year as the Best Logbook Financier 2021. The micro-credit company was awarded at the Third Annual Automotive Industry Awards. Mwananchi Credit was recognized for offering timely and affordable logbook loans and creating proper...

Mwananchi To Refinance Distressed Car Loans From Other Lenders

Mwananchi Credit’s CEO Dennis Mombo said, “The current economic times have become tough due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has resulted in an unprecedented amount of car loan borrowers from most institutions  falling behind their payment terms."

Mwananchi Credit Adds Trade Finance To Its Portfolio

Mwananchi Credit Limited is adding a series of trading-related products to its portfolio. The trade finance products include cashless bid bonds, performance bonds, advance payment guarantees and letters of credit. Currently, the micro-finance company mainly deals in logbook loans and car financing and has grown...

Mwananchi Credit Cuts Interest Rates, Waives Covid Penalties

Mwananchi Credit is reviewing downwards its risk profile to accommodate more people in the emergency financing solutions. Mwananchi Credit was the first and currently the only micro-finance institution to adopt the risk-based lending model. This way, customers negotiate interest rates based on their risk profiles.

Mwananchi Relaxes Terms For Logbook Loans To Broaden Credit Access

Logbook loans: In an unprecedented move, Mwananchi Credit Ltd has relaxed specific terms to broaden the scope of those who qualify for credit under its logbook loans. Logbook loan applicants will no longer be required to present bank statements for previously six months and...