Nameless and E-sir
Nameless and E-sir. [Photo/ Courtesy]

Artist David Mathenge commonly known as ‘Nameless’ has petitioned to have a street in South C named posthumously after ‘E-Sir’.

On launching the ‘Launch a Street in South C named after E-Sir, #SouthCsFinest’ online petition on  Kenya’s largest online platform for social change, Nameless, an award-winning artist and one of the early pioneers in the music scene in Kenya, noted that the honour once bestowed on the fallen icon would be a testament to the appreciation of music and the artists behind the craft.

“E-Sir was an inspiration to not only my generation but those who looked up to him for inspiration. The naming of the street or road in South C will not only bestow appreciation of his contribution to the growth of music in Kenya but also serve as a testament to the appreciation of artists. This petition is directed at Governor Sakaja, and Nairobi County to listen to our ask and name a road or street after E-Sir to honour his legacy,” he said.

Issah Mmari who went by the stage moniker ‘E-Sir’ perished about nineteen years ago in a tragic road accįdent. The rising talent had taken the music scene by storm before his untimely demise.

Habib Wangui, his younger brother, who also doubles up as an artist and businessman is upbeat about the organic growth of the petition from friends, fans and residents of South C.

“My brother was my hero and I think that this will not only honour his memory but inspire this generation of artists to aspire for excellence. As a family we have always wanted his memory honoured in this way,” he said.

Since launching in early January this year Change.Org in Kenya has seen notable petitions advocating for various rights being launched on its platform.

“The E-Sir street petition is one such petition and we love that our users understand that there are neither big nor small issues. All matters of public interest can be accommodated on the platform with the desire to see change effected by accountable decision makers”, Muthoni Maingi Country Director, Change.Org, Kenya said.

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