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How To Get High-Paying Job Without High Educḁtion

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A couple of decades ago, all you needed to do to land a well-paying job in Kenya was to work hard in high school, get good grades to get you to university on government sponsorship and upon graduation you were guaranteed of a well-paying.

That was because by then, university graduates were hard to come by. Sadly, the situation is not the same right now and graduating from university with a degree no longer guarantees a good job. All is not lost, though, as there are a number of things you can do to stand out despite today’s cut throat competition in the job market.

Here are five things you can do to ensure that you take home a descent amount and get paid for what you are worth

1. Plan your career

The saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail” may be a cliché but it applies to your career. Landing that well-paying job will require that you take up personal development seriously. Figure out exactly where you want to be a year, two or five from today. Doing so will help you identify some of the things that are likely to hinder your advancement, meaning you can work on them now instead of waiting to tackle them when it is too late. Doing so will not only ensure that you remain ahead of competition but will also help you put up a stronger case when negotiation for a better pay.

2. Network strategically

Long before a well-paying job is advertised, there is a tendency for top management to ask around for recommendations from people they know. Networking strategically ensures that the right people know what you are good at and the value you can add to a company or individual.

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Build and maintain meaningful relationships because at the time when an opportunity comes up, it will be too late to start building one.  Recruitment firms like Corporate Staffing Services also have a tendency to headhunt for talent, which begins with a call for people to recommend someone they know for top positions.

Ensure you are constantly on the right people’s minds when they asked for a recommendation by networking strategically.

3. Develop your soft skills as well

Achieving a well-paying leadership position is about more than being technically good at what you do. You also need to have excellent verbal and nonverbal communications skills, the ability to work well as part of a team, and a reputation as someone who keeps their cool under pressure are all critical.  Executive presence is something you’ll need to actively cultivate if you want to land a high-paying job.

4. Take time to learn new things

Widening your scope of knowledge can help you gain an edge over other candidates. While you don’t necessarily have to take up courses in other scopes, it would help to learn a few things in other fields of work. Think of yourself as a CEO who has to manage different business entities where knowledge in different fields counts.

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Also, most recruiters will look at how much value you will add to the company in terms of your scope of knowledge and experience. For example, if you are a marketer, take time to learn new marketing trends, and other cost effective marketing strategies.

5. Take personal branding seriously

Personal branding necessitates creating the right impression for you to attract the right opportunities. This may entail carrying yourself out in such a manner that the people close to you know and understand what you are good at and the value of what you do. A good personal brand will help you position yourself well to the people, jobs and organisations that will advance you in a fulfilling and well-paying job.

Positioning yourself to land and keep a high-paying job takes time and effort, but it’s worth it in the long run.

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PERMINUS WAINAINAhttps://www.corporatestaffing.co.ke/
Perminus Wainaina is the CEO of Corporate Staffing Services, a Human Resources consultancy firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. EMAIL: [email protected] WEB: www.corporatestaffing.co.ke
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