A sample photo of the 750ml of Caribia Cane. Kenya Wine Agency Limited (KWAL) latest product.

Kenya Wine Agency Limited (KWAL) is set to launch a new brand, Caribia Cane spirit as the company eyes a larger piece of the alcohol market in the country.

The alcoholic drinks manufacturer and marketer says Caribia, a triple distilled cane spirit will be officially launched during Jamaican Reggae & Riddim artist Chris Martin concert slated to be held at Impala Grounds, Nairobi on Saturday.

Commercial Director Greg Pitt will be hoping the new product becomes as popular as the company’s flagship spirit, Kibao Vodka when it enters the market.

In a dispatch to newsrooms, Mr Pitt says that the new brand has been packaged to meet the demand on the ground.

“We are delighted to introduce finely crafted Caribia cane which is the latest addition to our growing local brand portfolio. Through informed market research we are committed to continuously craft more refreshing and innovative drinks that appeal to our consumers,” said Mr Pitt.

According to the commercial director, the new drink targets the millenials through affordability and unique packaging.

Once it hits the shelves, Caribia 220ml will sell at Ksh250ml and Ksh600 for the 750 ml bottle.

According to the Brand Manager Geoffrey Oriku, KWAL is aware of trends in the market and as such keeps producing more competitive and appealing products to suit different targets.

“At KWAL, we are looking at ways to diversify our product portfolio and create memorable experiences through our brand offering hence our need to produce,” said Oriku.

During the Chris Martin concert, the product will be launched under the marketing campaign dubbed Ingia kwenye mix.

Earlier in the year, KWAL celebrated 50 years in the manufacturing industry positioning itself as a leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of wine, spirits, ciders and natural juices in Kenya.

Kibao Vodka was recently ranked among the top 100 World Fastest Growing Spirits in the International Wines and Spirits Record (IWSR) rankings.

Other renowned brands under KWAL’s portfolio include Caprice Wine, Viceroy, Amarula, Cellar Cask, Kingfisher, 4th street, Savanna, Hunter’s Cider, and Yatta juice.


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