Different types of adult toys bring about a variety of sensations that cannot be given out by a human being.

There has been an increase in use of sex toys in Kenya. But why are people diving into the pool of adult toys usage than before?

According to Voluptasse, an online magazine, when a partner brings out the topic of sex toys, the other party thinks that he/she does not satisfy them intimately. Others, nonetheless, in the information era, think that introduction of the adult toys in the bed portrays a healthy sexual life and a curious mind that needs to explore.

Reasons people are using the adult toys vary with individuals, but some of the common explanation include:

1. Toys spice up things in the bedroom

As marriage grows old, sex becomes boring, it is known and taught. This is because the increase of responsibilities in the growing family and career puts pressure in the couple who unknowingly develop a routine in the bedroom. It further reaches to a point where sex feels like a chore to one partner or both resulting to a boring sex life.

Nonetheless, introduction of sex toys is reported to to be a game changer as it mixes things up. Sex toys will not only increase sensation and pleasure during love making, it will also strengthen the bond between the couple.

“Even the smallest change helps to keeps things interesting and if you enjoy it, you can always add a few more bedroom toys to your basket whilst out shopping,” writes Voluptasse.

2. Sex toys offer different sensation

Having sex with a fellow human being brings pleasure. However, different types of adult toys bring about a variety of sensations that cannot be given out by a mortal. Better pleasure cannot be achieved only by the toys but a combination of the gadgets and human being during coitus.

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3. Sex is better with toys

“The best sex I have is when I combine my love of sex toys with the skills of my partner. It gives me the best of both worlds and I know he likes it when I enjoy myself more,” writes a contributor at Voluptasse.

As mentioned earlier, some partners can be reluctant to the idea of sex toys, thus it is important to start with baby steps until they get comfortable with the whole idea.

It has been reported that once a partner agrees to the sex toys idea and enjoys using them, there are high chances they will suggest to go for other types of toys that they can enjoy in their sessions.

 4. Influence of the media/curiosity

People tend to try or emulate what they see in movies, TV shows and what they read on the internet. The media does not shy away from exposing different kinds of lifestyles being practiced world wide. Further, more and more people are coming out opening about the positive and negative uses of sex toys.

Such information may drive a person to grow curiosity about other people experiences and how they will feel if they are the one trying it.

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