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Someone out to take Jimmy Wanjigi’s life?

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Controversial business tycoon Jimmy Wanjigi is now seeking police protection following a series of death threats.

Wanjigi, one of the key funders of the Raila campaign, has through his lawyers written to the Inspector General of Police, Mr Joseph Boinnet, asking for security following what he termed as constant threats and stalking by unknown people in cars throughout the day.

The wealthy and mysterious businessman traces his threats to an article published by a local daily linking him to political and power brokerage, where he is said to have lost touch with President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Jubilee administration, which he allegedly helped to win power in 2013 forcing him to cross over to the Nasa coalition.

“There has been real and persistent to our client’s life by persons unknown to him. On several occasions, our client has been trailed all hours of the day and night by motor vehicles with occupants unknown to him,” read the letter.

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In the Daily Nation article, it was alleged that he exploits his influence in the security sector, military, parastatals, Parliament, mainline civil service and the media to achieve his goals, no matter what.

“Long term investigations by the Nation have revealed a story of an almost impossibly wealthy tender oligarch, whose money affords him a degree of political influence, which has turned the Kenyan political class, intelligentsia and media into mere pawns in a corrupt chess game where the Kenyan economy is plucked like a chicken,” stated the authors in the article, dated June 26, this year.

A day to the August 8 general Election, it was reported that 10 men trailed the son to former Cabinet Minister Mr Maina Wanjigi to ABC Place in Westlands. He confronted them but they left without uttering a word to him or his guards.

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Wanjigi’s lawyers Githinji & Karoki Advocates have cited the incident as prove that his life is in danger.

The lawyers claim a senior State House official personally went to his residence on Friday, September 8, and warned him of a real and imminent threat to his life.

“Our client has accorded this matter the seriousness it deserves and reported the said threats at Gigiri Police Station on 10th September 2017 under OB No. 14/10/9/17,” the letter says.

“The Constitution guarantees our client the right to make political choices, which includes, inter alia, the right to campaign for a political party or cause. This right must be protected,” reads the letter to Boinnet, which is signed by lawyer Elizabeth Karoki. The requested security will be at his cost, according to the letter.

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