Jiji Black Friday
Buyers can find thousands of deals from Jiji’s sellers, most of whom are small and medium-sized businesses, throughout Jiji’s 5-day Black Friday event. [Photo/ Courtesy]

Jiji Kenya has announced that more Black Friday deals than ever before will be available starting on Friday, November 26.

Customers will be able to shop incredible deals with deep discounts on top products and must-have items in the different categories. Buyers can find thousands of deals from Jiji’s sellers, most of whom are small and medium-sized businesses, throughout Jiji’s 5-day Black Friday event.

The Country Manager, Maksym Golubev clarified the common misconception about the platform and how different their Black Friday is.

“Our platform is quite different from the popular e-commerce sites in Kenya. Jiji is not a shop but a marketplace that provides buyers and sellers with an avenue to meet and exchange goods and services. For our Black Friday, we have a system that automatically selected all sellers who have reduced prices of their products. The system then calculated the accurate percentage discounts of those products. Those are the only products that will be highlighted during Black Friday,” said Maksym Golubev, Jiji Kenya’s Country Manager.

According to a 2020 survey by Red Point, shoppers will be exploring a range of channels to identify the best deals out there. When asked where they are planning on shopping for Black Friday 2021, consumers chose marketplaces (69.7%), brand’s own website (54.9%), e-commerce sites (37.5%), social media (30.2%), and second-hand websites (20.2%).

The low percentage of shopping in e-commerce sites continues to show that many people are still struggling with the credibility of online shops, even with the advent of Covid-19 that led to the digitization of many physical markets.

“Jiji has weathered the storm having revamped their platform to enable a seamless online experience and ensure safety for all buyers and sellers. They have also gone ahead and launched dedicated landing pages on their platform where buyers can easily check all discounted products in the different categories,” the company said in a statement.

E-commerce sites that focus on safety and transparency are the ultimate shopping destination for most consumers.

“We guarantee holiday shoppers the best prices that are verified and proven to be actual discounts. This gives us authenticity, in an industry that is corrupted with “fake deals” to buyers. This distinctly online event will present many opportunities for brands and retailers. Many sellers, who were previously operating offline are on Jiji Kenya, as we have over five million active ads, We, therefore, believe that our Black Friday approach is set to reap them very big rewards,” said Grace Gikonyo, Head of PR, Jiji Kenya.

Although the discounts won’t be around forever, the sale is a great opportunity to start buying those holiday gifts in order to avoid last minute rushes and m*****g out on your favourite brands. This may be the opportune time to buy that first car you have always dreamed of, before the sale wraps up on November, 30.

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