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International Women’s Day: Ethiopia celebrates with an all-women flight

Neighboring country Ethiopia on Friday celebrated International Women’s Day by having Ethiopian Airlines operated by an all-women functioned flight on Addis Ababa-Stockholm-Oslo route.

The women professions in the airline were in charge of all facets of the flight from safety, deck crew, security to air traffic control.

The theme of the flight was named as, all women functioned flight to operate from the continent of Africa to meet their counterparts in Europe to show the power of women to the world.

However, this is not the first time Ethiopian Airline celebrates its women in this kind of fashion, as last year the all-female crew flew from Adis Ababa to Buenos Aires.

An Ethiopian all-female operated flights implies that the women in the industry take charge of airport operations, flight deck, load control, flight dispatch, onboard logistics, ramp operation, security, safety catering as well as air traffic control.

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“We are immensely honoured that we have women trailblazers in every aspect of our aviation field. Women are an integral part of our success story from the start and with this dedicated flight we honour and celebrate their indispensable contribution to our aviation Group and the broader aviation industry, our country and the continent at large,” said the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines Tewolde GebreMariam.

“Although women are Africa’s greatest resource, gender inequality still persists in our continent. Therefore, we all need to ensure that women take their right position in all human endeavours by creating the right conditions and through all inclusive engagements models,” he added.


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