Ruiru kamakis plots for sale
Kiambu provides affordable land prices within the reach of many city dwellers and is close to Nairobi. 

Ruiru Kamakis: Kiambu is one of the most populous counties in Kenya, which boasts being home to thousands of people who work within the Nairobi Metropolitan City. This is because buying land within the city is a marathon on its own as the prices run into tens if not hundreds of millions, depending the size of property.

Kiambu, however, provides affordable land prices and within the reach of many city dwellers and is also very close to Nairobi. You only need about 20 minutes to get to Nairobi.

With the current rush to purchase land in Kiambu and its environments, the demand is obviously high and this basically means the prices are bound to go higher with time because of the need for space and a place to call home.

So, if you are among those looking for a piece of land to have a home, look no further because we are going to show you where exactly you need to look. This will save you time and energy.

Ruiru Kamakis

This is known as the new Silicon Savannah of land within Kiambu County with affordable rates. Fanaka Real Estate, one of the most trusted companies in land buying and selling, offers various options to choose from, at under Ksh2 million, at Ruiru Kamakis.

Fanaka Real Estate boasts a host of properties in different locations within Ruiru Kamakis in Kiambu and the catch here is that you get to exercise absolute freedom of choosing that piece of land that impresses you the most.

These area has proximity to all basic amenities as well as social one, its closer to the Thika super highway  with very easy access to two other counties including Machakos and Nairobi

Other places you can purchase land in Kiambu include; Gikambura in Kikuyu, Kiambaa, Mutarakwa in Limuru, and Juja.

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