Father sues son over salary
Gideon Cherowo details how he sold his parcels of land to finance the son’s education up to college level.

A disenfranchised father in Kenya has sued his son who he accuses of failing to take care of him financially. The man laments that he is wallowing in poverty after sacrificing his years and investments on his son who, he claims, has deserted him in the village.

In a suit filed at Kitale High Court, Gideon Kisira Cherowo told the court that his son had decided to live in the city and left him to fend for himself.  The 73-year-old man wants the court to compel his son to be giving him 20% of his monthly salary. Mzee Cherowo argued that he deserves to be well catered for after toiling to provide a better life for him.

While the son has yet to respond to the suit, it already generating public discussion in Kenya. It will be be a closely watched that would radically change how parents relate economically with their children, especially who have guzzled resources in educátion.

Mzee Cherowo –  who lives in Birunda village in Trans Nzoia County – details how he sold his parcels of land to finance the son’s educátion up to college level. In addition, he gave the son his share of the inheritance, a quarter an acre of land, and blessed the son’s marriage.  Court papers show that the old man even paid dowry for his son’s wife which included money, four cows and other items.

“I used up the resources I had to enable him to be in a good position so that he can help our family,! says Gideon Cherowo.

Now the old wants upkeep as compensation for his investment. He says the son works for a government agency in Nairobi and solely enjoys his salary, allowances, bonuses, insurance and is also in line for pension upon retirement.

“I used up the resources I had to enable him to be in a good position so that he can help our family. I request 20 percent of his salary to be given to me as the father,” Mr Cherowo, a father of four, pleaded with the court.

He said the family was dependent on the son, who allegedly cut connections with them after landing a good job in Nairobi. Efforts to talk out the issue have been in vain as the son if often unreachable, the old man says.

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“I have tried several times, for years, to seek assistance from my son, but all in vain. He is the only one, out of my four children who is gainfully employed,” Mzee Cherowo told the court.

The old man filed the case in person as he could not afford a lawyer to represent him in court. He provided his youngest son as a witness in court, who told the court that his brother deserted them years ago.

He asked the court to listen to his father’s plea as they had spent all their fortune on educating the brother. The son had not yet responded to the suit by the time of press.

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