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Juma Allan: Tech Guru Who Scored ‘D’ in Maths and Brain Behind M-Pesa Project

Despite growing up with computers around him and his success in tech, Juma Allan wanted to be a mechanical engineer.

Can You Make Money on Google News?

Okay, these days, people love easy money. I am not sure. Maybe they want easy money, and maybe they don't, but the economy is...

Learn How to Make a Thread on Twitter

X, formerly known as Twitter, is one of the biggest social media platforms out there. At first, this social media platform was famous for...

Monetising Facebook: 3 Tricks Content Creators Need to Know

According to insights from industry experts, the earning potential for content creators monetising Facebook is expected to vary across different regions in Africa due to varying market maturity levels.

Elon Musk’s Starlink Entry in Kenya Sparks Surge in Satellite Internet

The number of Kenyans opting for satellite internet services more than doubled in the last quarter of 2021, sparked by the entry of Elon Musk's Starlink into the Kenyan market in July of the same year.

Why Has WhatsApp GB Been Banned?

First, WhatsApp GB has not been banned as it still works on other phones, and some people are still using it.

Cybersecurity Experts Convene in March for 2024 Africa CISO Summit

The Africa CISO Summit  is poised to be a beacon for those seeking to explore cutting-edge cybersecurity trends, offering strategic insights into effective digital risk management and information security in an ever-changing landscape.

Kenya’s Equity Bank Scores Major Win With Instant PayPal Withdrawals

Equity Bank will now offer a faster PayPal withdrawals for millions of customers who receive payments through the international payment solutions provider after it announced the enhancement of PayPal withdrawals from the initial 24-hour withdrawal period to instant.
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