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8 Most Common Mistakes In Sales

Show value to the customer and look for your unique benefits instead of banking on low pricing

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For a website to sell well, you need to treat it not as an advertising brochure, but as a salesperson who works for you around the clock, like a 22Bet customer support who can help 24/7. And, as you know, one of the easiest ways to write a good sales text for a website is to prepare it based on an interview with your best sales manager. Here are eight most common mistakes in live sales.

Believing That Price Is Everything

And using it as your only sales tool. If you, as a salesperson, are convinced that you have to discount any product or service in order to be bought from you, then very soon you will devalue it, and potential customers will just want to buy something quicker from you, rather than buy a worthwhile product, for a worthwhile amount. This will undermine your credibility as a seller.

Likewise on the website – show value to the customer, look for your unique benefits, instead of writing something like “if you find it cheaper, we’ll give it even cheaper”.

Talking Without Letting the Customer Participate in the Dialogue

This way you can never create a long and lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. Speaking non-stop, in order to show the customer how well you know the product, you will only worsen sales. As a consequence, you will lose potential customers.

Similarly, on a website – try to give the visitor as many opportunities as possible to engage – place calculators, tests, calls to contact you, and feedback forms on the site. Having this kind of engagement makes it much likely that the visitor will make an order from you, rather than going to another site.

Using Manipulation and Showmanship

This is absolutely not the type of service the customer needs. Except in the rare case where someone wants to buy a product for fun, not because of a need. No one will buy a product that doesn’t meet a need. Don’t try to overwhelm potential customers, let them familiarize themselves at a relaxed pace so they see an opportunity to solve their problems and needs.

A site shouldn’t contain a bunch of animations. Texts are far more important than special effects.

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Not Taking Value to the Customer Into Account

You have to listen carefully to understand the needs and desires of your customers. Potential customers want to know what your product will help them, not what features it has.

Accordingly, on the site, texts should emphasize the benefits to the customer, and properties should be used as evidence of those benefits.

Discussing All the Features

Don’t go into detail about a product before you understand exactly what the customer needs. Sell the solution to their problem, and don’t spend a lot of time telling them what else the product can do. The potential buyer will quickly lose interest in anything outside of their needs.

Give the visitor an opportunity to search the site for their needs, but not by properties – don’t not make them look for a laptop based on the frequency of the processor and the amount of memory, give them the opportunity to use clear categories – “laptop for students”, “laptop for the boss”.

Not Knowing Your Strengths

You must know thoroughly all the nuances of your product or service, and be willing to show how to get the most out of the product. This, too, is your strength as a salesperson, and it gives you a competitive advantage. Increasingly, there are well-informed customers who want to make sure you don’t waste their time. Accordingly, the visitor should also see on the website that you are an expert in your subject.

Therefore, the visitor must also see that you are an expert in your subject. You can, for example, make articles and free e-books on how to choose correctly, how to avoid mistakes when choosing a product/service in your niche.

Not Practicing Your Sales Skills

Often people ignore improving their sales skills. Many companies train salespeople by focusing on the product and its features. Potential customers will quickly lose interest in such a salesperson. Therefore, it’s a big mistake to not work on developing the ability to sell a product by showing how it will meet the customer’s needs.

Likewise, the process of increasing sales on the site must go on all the time. You can’t guess in advance what will work best. But you can set up a measurement, test a few options (such as page header) and find out exactly which option works better

Not Getting Into the Sales Cycle

Understand the sales cycle, and don’t try to sharpen it to your needs, sharpen it to the needs of your potential customers. It’s important to work with your customers, but it’s also important not to push them too quickly to make a purchase, or you risk losing the deal. It’s important to offer the deal yourself at some point, but not when the customer isn’t ready.

Similarly, it’s important to have a subscription and a mailing list on your site. A mailing list allows for unobtrusive contact, offers to be made from time to time, and additional sales opportunities.

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