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Maina Gachanjah is a Marketing Consultant at Juhudi Investments Consultancy. Email: [email protected]

6 ways to make it BIG like Steve Jobs and Oprah...

As British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said, success is walking from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm

How to motivate staff in a turbulent business environment

The following techniques should help your employees weather the storm and remain motivated even in the toughest economic environment

6 ways a business coach can help grow your business

Without an effective business coach you are not likely to easily identify waste and inefficiencies in your organisation

Simple training that will reduce unemployment

Developed economies like Germany and China are anchored on the pillar of vocational skills and we can see the dividends they are reaping from this mindset shift

Secrets of becoming a top notch marketer

To push your marketing career to a level where giant blue chip companies are scrambling for your services, one must be very informed on...

Three strategic decisions to rescue a failing business

The most successful people are the ones who learn from their mistakes and turn their failures into opportunities

Billion-shilling business opportunity that banks have thrown away

A successful business person will soon cut through the credit go slow and turn it into a profitable business opportunity

Branding yourself for job interview

Global unemployment rate which is currently playing around 66 per cent. It is a worrying trend to all world leaders and the youth at...

We all need to be marketers no matter our job description

Do we all need some background training in marketing management? The answer relies heavily on whether you are in a negotiation position or not....

How to generate business ideas that work for you

At any one point in time, there are usually two broad categories of lady entrepreneurs. One group comprises women who have ample funds lying idle...