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Secrets of becoming a top notch marketer

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To push your marketing career to a level where giant blue chip companies are scrambling for your services, one must be very informed on economic, strategic and marketing trends. The maxim being “the more you know, the more you stay ahead of the pack.”

An amateur marketer only knows a few ways of delighting target customers, but an enlightened and exposed marketing guru would probably have experienced or read about different methods and tools of delighting clients from different places or from different authors and blogs.

Challenge yourself to acquire more knowledge and skills on how to delight target clients in the marketplace; because the more you step out of the unknown to the known, the more you become sellable to blue chip companies as they angle to absorb your top notch services.

Nothing limits a marketer more than lack of relevant market knowledge and skills. Inability to capture new market trends as they come in totally limits a marketer. The dos and don’ts that you currently abide by in your marketing career were crafted by marketers of yesteryears and they had their own limitations of information sharing due to the scarcity of technological advances of their time.

This is the reason why you should not stop where they placed the stop signage because as things are now, you cannot blindly rely on their limited marketing tools and methods. The modern consumer has evolved and is more tech-savvy than ever before.

Steve Jobs made a legendary plea to a group of Stanford University Graduates to stay hungry and foolish way back in the year 2005. By telling them to stay hungry we would assume he meant to emphasise the importance of wanting to know more about life, their goals, careers and passions. It could also have meant that they should never settle for the normal or the ordinary things that life throws at them. By telling them to stay foolish, he was hammering a point home, by urging them to remain life learners.

Communication magic behind top brands

Marketers are also required to stay hungry and foolish. People with such attitudes strive to shatter glass ceiling after glass ceiling in their careers, they do not assume to know it all and always ask questions from their mentors that may be casually dismissed as ‘stupid.’

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With such positivism in body and soul, an amateur marketer can learn more from the best marketing minds and end up being the most skillful marketer in town and transform businesses with such marketing knowledge.

There are ample marketing rule books, magazines, newspapers, seminars, blogs, webinars, books from renowned authors like Zig Ziglar that a young and budding marketer could learn great insights about the world of marketing.

Reasons why marketers are indispensable 

The world of business is constantly evolving and seems not to have clearly defined limits. It would therefore be unwise to limit your marketing knowledge by sticking to the known. Acquire timely and strategic business and marketing knowledge daily and you will soon realise that there is no marketing boundary that you cannot leapfrog over in the world of business and economics.

The author is Marketing Consultant, Juhudi Investments Consultancy.
Maina  runs training programmes on marketing management and
enterpreneurship. Email: [email protected]


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MAINA GACHANJAHhttp://www.businesstoday.co.ke
Maina Gachanjah is a Marketing Consultant at Juhudi Investments Consultancy. Email: [email protected]
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