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New survey shows journalists detest PR pitch spamming

Today’s media environment is fragmented, crowded and noisy; it’s more important than ever to write for the end consumer

5 tips to grow your YouTube channel

Online video presents opportunities that television simply doesn't. YouTube is usually patronised by a hyper-engaged, highly-connected audience who craves the two-way communication YouTube offers. And unlike TV, YouTube lives everywhere because it's accessible on hundreds of millions of mobile devices globally. Online content helps people...

Bernard Muiru: Young digital marketer who can sell anything

For the past few years, Bernard has been accumulating digital skills. Now he is marketing big-time brands with a multinational agency based in Nairobi. In this interview, he shares his experience and secrets to successful digital campaigns.

Big companies fail the brand resilience test

According to Grayling research, even among these well-resourced international businesses, almost half had negative content on the first page of their Google search profiles

“Resist” campaign puts brand claims to the test

This is a painful lesson in brand building for corporate entities. Your brand is just as strong as your reputation

Secrets of becoming a top notch marketer

To push your marketing career to a level where giant blue chip companies are scrambling for your services, one must be very informed on economic, strategic and marketing trends. The maxim being "the more you know, the more you stay ahead of the pack." An...