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What Entrepreneurial Animal Are You?

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Prior to the advancement in science and technology, our ancestors used to observe animal behavior to get an understanding of what was happening or was about to happen.

Even with current progress in human knowledge, some people still do believe that animals have stronger senses that tip them off.

Consider our own flamingos in Lake Nakuru and the wildebeests of the Maasai Mara. How do they know it’s time to migrate for the mating season or that the rains are about to hit the ground?

Picture this; in 1975 Chinese officials evacuated one million residents of the city of Haicheng because they strongly believed that disaster was imminent. Their conviction was partly due to strange animal behaviors. Days later, a 7.3-magnitude earthquake ravaged the city.

I propose that we could learn more about entrepreneurial behavior by looking at animal behavior. The animal kingdom has numerous interesting characters all made up of consistent, raw, untamed, and undiluted behavioral patterns.

We can ascribe certain animal characteristics to entrepreneurs which can help us understand how to better deal with them. In this article, I focus on six animals and their conspicuous traits.

First in line is the king of the jungle, the lion, strong, majestic and revered. Lions are powerful leaders and often hold the cards as to who lives and who dies. In business circles it takes resources, time and dedication to rise to lion status.

Most entrepreneurs will, sadly, never get to this level. If you are not a lion the best you can do is align yourself with the lions so that instead of them crushing you, they protect you and hold you by the hand. Leverage on the lions.

Some entrepreneurs can best be described as squirrels. Just like these grey coloured mammals stock pile food, these entrepreneurs always keep some savings a side for a rainy day.

For example, when fire razes down their businesses they have a backup, when a pandemic like the current COVID 19 hits they have an alternative. They are rarely caught off-guard. Be a squirrel, make hay when the sun shines, and stock up because winter is just around the corner. Develop a savings culture.

In the entrepreneurship jungle there are also bees. They are ever busy flying from flower to flower collecting nectar and depositing honey in the hive.

As a growth-oriented entrepreneur, surround yourself with as many bees as possible either as partners or employees. If you do so, then you will never run out of honey – read profits.

Ever heard of monkey business?  Monkeys are mischievous characters who just love to lounge and have fun. It is not bad for an entrepreneur to unwind especially because entrepreneurship is a stressful journey.

However, you must have control and maintain focus on your business success. Don’t booze during working hours and learn than fun comes after work, not before. Don’t be a monkey and don’t entertain monkey friends in your business.

Then there are the dogs. The loyal followers or friends who will stick by you through thick and thin. Betrayal is not in their dictionary. Partner with them in business ventures and you have a reliable hand. In return ensure you keep them happy and satisfied.

We cannot forget the snakes, cunning and always ready to stab you in the back with their venomous fangs. They badmouth you and your business.

They poison your customers with a continuous flow of gossip and malicious lies. Worst of all, they are always near you, hiding in dark corners and keenly watching your every move. Stay away from the snakes and if they come for you strike back ruthlessly. If you have snake tendencies, please stop.

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DR KEVIN WACHIRAhttp://www.businesstoday.co.ke
Dr. Kevin Wachira is  a Lecturer in the School of Business and Economics at South Eastern Kenya University, Kitui. Email: [email protected]    
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